First aid flights arrive in Tonga after big volcan

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First aid flights arrive in Tonga after big volcano eruption - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The first flights carrying fresh water and other aid to Tonga finally arrived on Thursday after the Pacific nation’s main airport runway was cleared of ash left by a huge volcanic eruptionThe per capita model to continue. Give.

New Zealand and Australia each sent military transport planes that were carrying water containersThe most confusing so far, kits for temporary shelters2021-04-12T10:33:43.330Z, generators, hygiene supplies and communications equipment. The Australian plane also had a special sweeper to help keep the runway clearlargely lifted restrictions on businesses and small gatherings ove.

The deliveries were dropped off without the military personnel coming in contact with people at the airport in Tonga. That’s because Tonga is desperate to make sure foreigners don’t bring in the coronavirus. It has not had any outbreaks of COVID-19 and has reported just a single case since the pandemic beganResponses fro.

Rear Admiral James Gilmour, the commander of New Zealand’s Joint Forces, said there had been a “mammoth effort” by Tongan troops “to clear that runway by handThe provinces and territories have used 81.49 per cent of their available vaccine supply.. And they’ve achieved that this afternoon.”

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