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Speaking of American style, maybe many people are still immersed in mellow colors and rigorous solid wood parquets. In fact, it is not. With the changes of the times, the style of home decoration will naturally change, and each style will show its unique charm in its own era. Recently, Ms. Liu from Yangwan, Hanshui, left a message through the decoration bidding, saying that she wanted us to recommend a unique American style for her 125 square meters and three bedrooms new house. For this reason, the editor carefully selected the following set. Hurry to have a look with the camera

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[Hanshui Yangwan 125 square meter house decoration family map]

[Hanshui Yangwan 125 square meter house decoration requirements are as follows]

decoration style: American style

house structure: three rooms and two halls

decoration cost: 130000

[Hanshui Yangwan 125 square meter American style decoration model room display]

American living room:

Xiaobian recommended such an American style decoration for Ms. Liu. The whole living room uses warm colors. The light gray green here is vibrant and graceful poetic. The light apricot kernel color here is gentle and elegant, and the rhythm like a trickle of water is soothing. A simple chandelier adds a warmth to the room





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