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When the owners decorate their new houses, they must involve the installation of wires and circuits, and the materials and installation construction of wires are also related to the future home life. Problems in the decoration and construction of new houses will lead to short circuit or high load problems in the future. Therefore, the general knowledge of circuit installation and construction safety should not be sloppy in the decoration of new houses. Let's follow the editor to see some circuit knowledge and how many wires do you need to decorate a 50 square meter house

how many wires do you need for a 50 square meter house? it depends on your home's decoration style and the proportion of switches and sockets

a normal household, that is, a group of 1.5 wires for lighting, a group of 2.5 wires for sockets, and a line of 4 square meters in the kitchen according to the distance. A group is divided into three rolls, dividends, yellow, blue or red, yellow, green Distinguish between live wire, neutral wire and ground wire

common sense of wire installation in new house decoration

1. There are three kinds of power lines

the red one is live wire, the blue one is zero connection, and the Jia one is ground wire. During the decoration of the new house, the power line pipe should be fixed in the Pu body groove in advance to ensure that the surface of the sleeve is recessed into the wall for a certain distance. After the power line connection is qualified, the wall should be watered, sealed with 1:5 alkali, sealed to avoid the alkali surface, and the wall should be flat and low dry. The installation of the power supply bottom box should be stable, and the bottom surface of the panel should be flat and consistent with the wall. The direction of the power line for the decoration of the new house should be horizontal and vertical, not oblique

2. Installation of power supply circuit

the power supply circuits of kitchen, toilet and bathroom in new house decoration should use leakage protectors independently, and must be connected with other power supply circuits. It is not allowed to overlap the soldier zero line on the circuit. For high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, special power supply circuits must be set up to connect

3. Switch installation

installation method of rocker switch: press the lower end to connect, and press the upper end to disconnect. When the socket switch and panel are fastened, screws should be used instead of embedded screws or stone plate screws to damage the bottom box. The decorated bedroom of the new house should adopt double control switch. Kitchen power sockets should be set with switches in parallel. The switch box is generally off the ground, and the switch should be about one meter higher than the ground

4. Wang Yi matters of incoming wires for new house decoration

all incoming wires shall be buried with PVC flame-retardant pipe sleeves and connected with elbows, joints, junction boxes, etc. when connecting to the bottom of the box, there shall be no joints in the lead pipe, and the power line shall not be exposed to ensure the safety of the power line

5. When the power line pipe installation of new house decoration passes through the ground, it should be quietly noted that the female bushing must be closely connected below the ground, no joints are allowed under the ground, and elbows must be set at the place where the power line goes in and out of the ground. Before the decoration floor of the new house is not closed, the PVC casing must be protected, and no cracking damage is allowed. When laying floor tiles, the PVC casing should be completely covered by sand; When nailing the wooden floor, the power line should be set along the corner to prevent the power line from being damaged by the drill

6. Installation of new house decoration sockets

all one-way sockets should be " Middle ground wire of left neutral line and right live line " Or "e; Upper fire line and lower zero line " Connection is the principle. The air conditioning power supply generally adopts triangle plug. The socket with protective valve should be used in the height that children can touch. The socket with waterproof should be used in the bathroom, washing room and bathroom. The installation height should not be less than 1m, and it should be far away from the water source

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