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Recently, Lanzhi soft clothing Shaanxi Ankang store was unveiled. After intensive construction, the mysterious veil was finally unveiled to meet you

Shaanxi Ankang store opened grandly

recently, Lanzhi soft clothing Shaanxi Ankang store made a new appearance. After intensive construction, the mysterious veil was finally unveiled to meet you

the curtain fabric art with excellent style is combined with art and life. The elegant atmosphere in the store is relaxed and comfortable, and consumers can enjoy a good shopping experience slowly

Ankang City, located in the southeast of Shaanxi Province, is adjacent to the Qinling Mountains in the north, Bashan mountain in the south, the Han River runs from east to west, and the river valley basin is in the middle

Ankang City is one of the top ten livable towns in China, the top ten Festival cities in China, the national development and reform pilot city, and the national pilot demonstration city for the construction of main functional areas. Ankang is the core water source area of the middle route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and bears the mission and responsibility of "supplying Beijing with clean water from one river"

real scene in the store

LANEIGE designers use rich experience and multiculturalism to create boutiques, show various styles incisively and vividly, and create every scene vividly

at the time of the opening of Lanzhi Ankang store, the staff of Lanzhi headquarters also came to the store at the first time and gave professional training to the staff, including sales knowledge, curtain knowledge, soft clothing matching, etc. under the careful training, the staff of Lanzhi store mastered the basic knowledge and took the post

there are many more discounts waiting for you to buy during the opening period

address: Lanzhi soft clothing store on the third floor of Tianmao City, high tech Zone, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province

Lanzhi curtain wall cloth is a practitioner and navigator of finished curtain wall cloth in China, and is the most professional and large-scale fabric soft clothing supplier in China. With the development strategy of pursuing fashion, paying attention to quality, paying attention to health and advocating individuality, it has formed a large-scale, professional, branded and collectivized industrial chain supply mode, and is the most competitive curtain and wall fabric enterprise in the field of high-end home furnishing and tooling accessories design in the industry

(source: Metz LANEIGE curtain)





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