Different exotic styles of four countries light up

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key words: "iron walls" vs simplicity and preciseness

Switzerland is not a football power, but it is enough to be proud of its defensive performance without losing a goal in four World Cup games, and this statistics well illustrates the Swiss concept - preciseness and seriousness

made in Switzerland is famous for its rigorous workmanship and exquisite craftsmanship, as is its home design. Simple design is to meet the needs of use to the greatest extent, and rely on naive creativity to delight the spirit of users. Moreover, the more simple the product is, the more meticulous the material is, because it does not have any decoration as an excuse and shield. What it pursues is the integration of good quality, perfect function and interest


key words: "cycling" vs Baroque

Cristiano? Ronaldo is definitely the hottest star in football this year. Its gorgeous personal skills, outstanding talent and highly ornamental style of play and Portuguese Baroque culture complement each other

Portugal's most famous Baroque culture represents European culture from the period after the mannerism of the 16th century to the Rococo period of the 18th century. It repels the horizontal and vertical monotonous flat plate, but likes to use twisted and changeable winding lines to create complex decorations in pursuit of strong legal movement. Because Baroque art emphasizes the beauty of stacking, just like the gorgeous "flower arranging legs" of C Luo, it often makes people dizzy and dazzled


key words: "striker killer" vs Bohemia

in the European Championship preliminaries, no one expected that the Czech Republic would eventually win the first place in the group. It all depends on skilled teamwork and solid defense. In addition to the high-quality defensive line, there is also a "forward killer" standing in front of the door, which is Cech

when talking about Czech, I have to mention Bohemian style. In the 1960s, "Bohemia" once became a signboard for European youth to challenge the mainstream life of the disciplined middle class. At the beginning of the 21st century, perhaps people are tired of the cold straight line of industrialization and the too rigorous and exquisite modern life. Bohemian style, which is defined as casual and uninhibited, is blowing fiercely on the fashion stage


key words: "hell home" vs noble and rustic

Turkey has been fluctuating since it achieved glory in 2002, and so has this year's European Championship preliminaries. It seems that what is more frightening is not the team itself, but the "hell" home. No wonder there is always a feeling of "homesickness" in the Turkish home style

the style of Turkish home furnishings not only has the elegance of Oriental classics, but also has the simplicity and fluency of Western modernity. It also integrates rich local characteristics, from which people all over the world can find their love for home. Lay gorgeous and noble hand woven silk carpets, and then add curtains commonly used by Persians. Warm red, comfortable space and exquisite utensils set off a romantic and poetic atmosphere





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