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"Where there are business opportunities, there are liars, and where there are sales, there are fakes". This is extremely appropriate in Fuzhou decoration market, and consumption traps are also impossible to prevent. Fortunately, there is a lesson only when you are deceived. Being cheated makes people smart. Although the promotion Yin moves of Fuzhou decoration company are constantly renovated, consumers also have enough vigilance, and there are not many people who are really cheated. Here is the promotion Yin moves of decoration company summarized by Fuzhou consumers. You didn't discuss the discount package. It doesn't matter what product to make. What matters is how to do well in advertising. This is almost a common consumption trap in the market. Advertising should reflect a very attractive magic, so that consumers who love to take advantage of it feel that they make money when they buy it, and businesses can kill you when they sell it. Therefore, some decoration companies in Fuzhou always say a lot about the preferential intensity, ranging from 30000 to 50000, to more than 100000. Many consumers who love to take advantage do not go to examine and show how much they will eventually spend, but look at the preferential price written in the advertisement, and do not add the price after the preferential price to the price of the so-called preferential reduction. They do not know that it is originally a falsely high original price, What's more, there are obvious omissions waiting for you in this kind of decoration company. Smart consumers know that they don't see how much the discount is, but how much they have to charge you. This number is often not much cheaper than others. If the bathroom offers one less price, and if the softwall is also omitted, tens of thousands of yuan will be omitted from these two items, and there are all kinds of traps in the quotation of reduced items. It is understood that a decoration company in Fuzhou has launched a VIP supreme card, which can get a discount of up to 160000 yuan, and claims that "luxury decoration with an original price of 249800 yuan per 100 square meters only costs 149800 yuan". After careful comparison, some citizens found that the quotation of the package seemed to be very cheap, but it turned out to be a big trap. The decoration quotation of the whole house actually had no wardrobe and bookcase. The decoration company would never say that the package had no woodwork part of the project budget before the owner signed the contract. After the commencement of the project, the decoration company would tell the owner that if the house without wardrobe and bookcase was really bad to use, the owner would naturally be in a dilemma at this time, so he had to add items and submit, Before signing the contract, the package price becomes meaningless. Although some set meals have wardrobes, it is a small activity wardrobe, which can't put a few clothes at all. Some restrict the shape of the cupboard, which is limited to L-shaped at most. If you want to make a U-shaped cupboard, you have to pay extra. The low-cost package of the decoration company also has the omission of toilets. A house with an area of more than 90 square meters in a suite basically needs to have two bathrooms. The preferential package deliberately reports the cost of only one bathroom in order to show the "low price". After the decoration starts, the decoration company will suggest that the owner "must have two bathrooms", so that the owner can refund the bill with the decoration company for one bathroom? Had to be led by the decoration company. The low price package of the decoration company also has a tricky area calculation method. In order to make the average decoration price per square meter seem very low, the low price package of the decoration company is often calculated according to the owner's "projected area" or even "real estate certificate area", while the area of the real estate certificate includes about 20% of the shared area. Some owners of the shared area can't actually use it, and there is no decoration problem at all, but the decoration company fooled the owner, If the owner takes out the shared area and calculates it again, he will find that the low-cost package is actually very expensive. Some decoration trap packages are calculated according to the projected area, so the algorithm is about 10% more than the practical area in the set. The average price looks cheap, but it actually includes the practical area that does not exist at all. The set meal trap of Fuzhou decoration company also involves fiddling with the design of water and electricity. The water and electricity ports in the set meal are always too few to be used at all. For example, there are only six or seven power sockets in a house, and the owner has to hang plug-in boards everywhere after moving in. There are also few faucets. After the owner moves in, he uses plastic water pipes to pull them everywhere, which affects the use and beauty. Decoration companies under the guise of false preferential packages, consumers see the illusion of multiple concessions, which are actually a means to cheat consumers to sign bills. Approaching the annual 3.15, consumers should be more careful when choosing decoration companies. The discount of decoration companies is too large, which is often a consumption trap designed for you. Don't be fooled by greed for cheap





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