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[official account: Jia Jiaju] the atlas of home decoration recommends you the latest and complete decoration information and beautiful pictures, and uses design to change life, color system, space and style. Color is often the most divergent in home decoration. Everyone's preferences and experience are different, and a person's judgment on color can see his preferences and reading

[official account: Jia Jia Jia] home decoration atlas

recommend the latest and most complete decoration information and decoration beauty pictures for you, and use design to change life, color system, space and style

color is often the most different in family decoration. Everyone's preferences and experience are different, and a person's judgment of color can see his preferences and experience, so everyone's preferences for color are very different. Designers generally weigh colors according to different spaces, such as the preference of housewives in the kitchen and the preference of men in the study

although the male host seldom cooks, he also hopes to build a warm restaurant and occasionally needs to work on the table

storage is a consistent demand in home decoration design. The design of a large cabinet on one side expands the storage space of the home, which is very practical

although the TV wall is a highlight of the whole space, the householder doesn't want too complicated decoration, so he directly erected a stone wall, placed a TV cabinet, and installed a thousand paper crane wall lamp on both sides, which is both beautiful and has a certain storage function

because the space of the kitchen is not very large, and the men and women usually don't have much time to cook at home, they choose an open kitchen

the dog on the sofa is integrated with the bar in the kitchen, making the connection and transition of the whole space more natural. Neutral colors are used in the color, and the whole space looks very natural and quiet with plants

pink pillows echo with the restaurant, and are decorated with golden side cabinets

the kitchen chooses mustard green as the main color, which echoes with the sitting chairs in the living room. The ground is paved with black-and-white mosaic tiles, giving people a feeling of retro

the bar cabinet connected to the sofa background wall can not only separate the living room from the kitchen, but also store a lot of kitchen utensils

a mustard green single chair connects the living room with the kitchen, and the sofa is the dark leather sofa required by the householder

there is a place above the balcony for online writing, and it can also be used as a place for leisure and relaxation

the clever design of asymmetric echo between the bedside table and the bucket cabinet in the bedroom has more storage functions

the floor of the main bathroom is paved with tiles, and the waist line of the tiles is raised on the wall as a echo. Because the space of the master bathroom is limited, only a small bathroom cabinet is placed

the space of the secondary guard is larger than that of the main guard. The store is paved with imitation wood grain forehead, and the overall design is very simple

the reserved children's room can be used as a guest room when there are guests at home, so it is quite jumping in color matching. ↑ floor plan

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