The choice of beauty black, white and gray subvert

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The home space with black-and-white gray as the theme and color matching is often easy to associate with adjectives such as "monotonous", "boring" and "abstinence". In fact, any advanced and free design is out of the gorgeous but impractical mode of appearance, but based on the simple style, moving people from the details

the "design without design is the best design" advocated by jobs is also applicable to our home decoration. In fact, the space color matching of advanced sense should not be too much, but let the design return to the pure essence

therefore, in the black-and-white gray style home design, we actually don't need to do too much rendering on the surface. We just need to use the materials, lights, lines, soft decoration collocation, etc. through reasonable layout, we can skillfully break through the dull feeling of space, make it more vivid and hierarchical, and then we can show a different home aura

black, white and gray are the most basic and simple collocation. Black can absorb the colorful light, while white reflects all the seven colors clearly; Gray is a universal color, which can be matched with any color, and can also help the harmonious transition of these two opposing colors

Black: it has a deep, elegant, dignified and handsome feeling

white: it has the feeling of purity, innocence, elegance and holiness

gray: it has the feeling of mystery, calm, noble and quiet

choice of beauty

the best combination of black and white gray simple style

choice of beauty different craft textures and textures of doors and windows have been richly presented in the same space

the combination of practicality and aesthetics has subverted our imagination of space to a certain extent. It turns out that black, white and gray can also play so advanced~~~




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