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The accessories of the spray force testing machine are mainly used to fix the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the sample sprayer

there are many types of spray nozzles. The common faults and troubleshooting methods of the rocker type and worm type nozzles are introduced below

1. If the rotary nozzle with abnormal water tongue works normally, the water tongue shall have a smooth and transparent circular dense section near the nozzle when there is no other object (rocker type water deflector or or worm wheel impeller) to block it. After the dense section, the water tongue will gradually turn white and there should be no oil leakage (water) scene to be crushed; The range shall not be less than 85% of the standard value, and the atomization shall be good. Otherwise, the tongue is abnormal. The causes and troubleshooting are as follows: ① the surface of the water tongue is rough and opaque as soon as it leaves the nozzle, but the mainstream of the water tongue is still round, and it is inconvenient to take and place the original sample because the nozzle is rough, burred or damaged. The nozzle shall be polished or replaced. ② The water tongue spreads as soon as it leaves the nozzle, and there is no circular dense section. The main reason is that the nozzle is seriously damaged and should be replaced; The rectifier is distorted and should be repaired or replaced; If there is foreign matter blocking in the flow passage, the foreign matter shall be removed

2. The range of the nozzle is not enough ① the range is not enough, but the atomization of the nozzle is good. The main reason is that the rotation speed of the nozzle is too fast, so the rotation speed of the nozzle should be reduced. ② The range is not enough and the atomization of water tongue is poor. The reason is that the working pressure is not enough, and the pressure can be increased as required

3. Abnormal rotation of rocker nozzle ① the rocker operates normally, but the nozzle does not rotate or rotates very slowly. The reasons are as follows: the gap between the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft is too small, so the gap should be increased; They are blocked by the incoming sediment and should be removed and cleaned; The sleeve shaft is screwed too tightly during installation and should be loosened appropriately. ② The opening angle of the rocker arm is too small. The reasons are: the rocker arm spring is too tight and should be properly loosened; If the rocker arm is installed too high, the water deflector cannot fully cut into the water tongue, it should be lowered; The rocker arm and rocker arm shaft are too tight, and the clearance should be increased; The water pressure is insufficient and should be increased. ③ The opening angle of the rocker arm is large enough, but the knocking is weak. The reason is that the deflector cuts into the water tongue too deeply, so that the force of the rocker arm is washed away before it is completely knocked on the spray body. The striking block shall be thickened. ④ The knocking frequency of rocker arm is unstable, fast and slow. Reason: the year-on-year growth was 18.2%; The gross profit of RMB 4.713 billion is due to the loose fit between the rocker arm and the shaft or the loose rocker arm shaft, which needs to be found out and corrected. ⑤ The rocker arm can not return after swing away. The main reason is that the rocker arm spring is too loose, so the spring should be tightened

4. Abnormal rotation of worm gear (impeller) sprinkler ① the impeller idles but the sprinkler does not rotate. Main cause: the connecting screw between the impeller shaft and the small worm gear is loose or the pin falls off, which should be tightened; The set screw between the large worm gear and the sleeve shaft is loose and should be tightened; If the reversing gear is not connected, the rotor pump shall pull the reversing lever to connect the gear. ② The water tongue is normal, but the impeller does not rotate and the spray body does not rotate. Main causes: the worm gear or gear is short of oil, and the resistance is too large, so it should be lubricated; If the set screw is tightened too tightly, resulting in eccentricity of the large worm gear, it shall be loosened appropriately; The impeller is stuck by foreign matters and should be removed; The worm gear, gear or hollow shaft and sleeve shaft shall be rusted firmly, and the rust shall be removed and oil shall be added

5. There is water leakage in the rotating part of the nozzle ① sediment enters the gasket, so that the sealing surface is not sealed. Remove the hollow shaft and clean it. ② The processing accuracy of the nozzle is not enough, and the end face of the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft cannot be closely matched. It should be repaired or replaced

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