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Common troubleshooting of HBT60 Concrete Transfer Pump (Part 2)

5 slide valve action failure

check whether the sliding rod is well lubricated. If not, clean the slide valve assembly and repair the lubrication pipeline and its distribution valve; If yes, check whether the adjustment pressure of the sequence valve is 10.5mpa. If not, adjust it to be accurate; If yes, check whether the accumulator pressure is lower than 5.5mpa. If yes, it must be inflated; If not, the spool valve hydraulic cylinder has serious internal leakage or the oil pipe is connected incorrectly

6 the air circulation system of water wash oil pump generally adopts a structure that can regulate the air supply direction; The humidification system has two types: Boiler humidification and surface evaporation; The cooling and dehumidification system adopts the refrigeration structure under air conditioning conditions; The heating system adopts electric fin heating and electric furnace wire direct heating; The temperature and humidity test method adopts the dry and wet ball test method to check whether the water washing operation is aligned. If not, adjust the fork length to the appropriate position; If yes, it is caused by the reverse installation of the unloading groove on the gear oil pump cover, and the direction needs to be changed

7 operate the water washing pull rod, the water pump does not discharge water or the pressure is low

first check whether the suction filter is blocked, if yes, clean the filter; If not, check whether the water cylinder piston seal is damaged. If yes, replace it; If not, check whether the suction and discharge valve of the water pump is leaking. If yes, tighten the spring or replace it; If not, 5. After handling, turn on the power supply to check whether the Electromechanical is reversed. If yes, check whether the unloading pressure of the water washing safety valve is lower than 16MPa. If yes, adjust it to be accurate; If not, check whether the washing pull rod can be pulled to the working position. If not, adjust the length of the fork to the appropriate position; If yes, the hydraulic cylinder of the water pump leaks or is connected to the wrong oil pipe

8 the oil temperature is too high

when the oil temperature exceeds 75 ℃ during normal use of the transfer pump, it is too high

first check whether the heat dissipation of the cooler is blocked, and if so, clean it; If not, check whether the control oil circuit stop valve is fully opened. If not, loosen it completely; If yes, check whether the throttling screw in the pressure reducing valve group falls off. If yes, reinstall and tighten it; If not, there is a serious leakage in the main oil pump. At this time, listen carefully. The main oil pump has slow control response and loud noise. It is necessary to replace the friction pair or the whole main oil pump

finally, it should be noted that before each disassembly of hydraulic components for maintenance, the machine must be shut down and the manual reversing valve must be operated to eliminate the residual pressure, so as to prevent high-pressure oil from hurting people

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