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Common troubleshooting of DV digital video camera

many families now have digital video cameras, but we are not very clear about the troubleshooting of many * * works and some small faults. In fact, some small problems can be solved by ourselves. Here we will introduce some common faults and solutions of digital cameras

advertising: D_ Text 1. The camera key of digital camera or component replacement camera does not work

common reasons are that the user does not fully consider the ecological conditions to the "camera file" by setting the mode dial, or the video tape has been used up; The troublesome reason is that the camera tape and the magnetic drum of the camera are adhered due to moisture condensation, and the experimental records are deleted. The camera is automatically protected. The recording button is temporarily invalid and cannot continue shooting. The first two causes can be solved symptomatically. If it is the last cause, you need to remove the camera from the tape compartment, put the camera in a dry and ventilated place and plug it in for an hour. The environmental committee has published its shopping bag proposal report, which can generally solve the problem

briefly talk about how to avoid moisture condensation. When the digital camera is taken from a cold place to a warmer place, or when the digital camera is used after the rain and in a high temperature and humidity environment, it is easy to cause moisture condensation in the machine, so you must pay attention to avoid this situation when using it, so as to avoid damage to your beloved machine. If conditions are limited, you must take the digital camera from a cold place to a warmer place. You can first put the digital camera in a plastic bag, then seal it, and then remove the plastic bag when the air temperature in the bag reaches the ambient temperature (usually about 1 hour), so as to effectively prevent moisture condensation

2. When using the viewfinder to view, the image is blurred

the general reason is that the user does not adjust the lens of the viewfinder. If you observe carefully, you will find that there is actually a small adjustment knob on both sides of the viewfinder, which can be adjusted according to the user's vision. After this adjustment, the image in the viewfinder will become very clear

3. Vertical bars appear when shooting the scene in front of a very bright or dark background

this is because the contrast between the shooting object and the background is too large, which is not a fault of the machine itself. Civil machines generally have this problem. The solution is... Add some money to buy a professional digital camera:)

4. There are horizontal lines or short mosaics on the playback image, and sometimes the sound is interrupted.

this situation is generally due to the dirty video head of the digital camera due to the long shooting time. The solution is to use a special cleaning belt to clean the head, or use a cotton ball dipped in absolute ethanol to gently scrub the head. When wiping, remember not to touch the magnetic head with hands or other hard objects to avoid dirtying or scratching the magnetic head. It is recommended to clean the video head every 10 hours or so after using the digital camera, so that you can always obtain satisfactory and clear shooting results. When the digital video camera has been used for a long time, and the cleaning tape does not work, the magnetic head may have been seriously worn. At this time, you can only change a new video head

5. It is impossible to take out the digital camera tape from the tape compartment

the common reasons are that the power is not connected or the rechargeable battery is out of power. As long as the power is "supplemented" in time. Of course, the rare cause is the mechanical failure of the warehouse. At this time, you have to take the machine to the maintenance station for repair. You'd better not try to repair it yourself. It's like a mountain across the road. If you're not careful...

6. Except that the belt can be withdrawn, all other functions of the machine can't work.

at this time, you should first check the power supply, and then see if there is a small water drop shaped indicator light flashing in the display screen of the machine. If yes, it means that your machine has condensation. At this time, you only need to deal with it according to the solution mentioned in the first fault; If the condensation indicator does not flash, all you can do is press the "reset" key. If the machine still does not work normally, the possible reason is that your machine may have a big problem! Hurry to the special maintenance station

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