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Communication between continental DC governor and Profibus network

Abstract: This paper takes Siemens series PLC as the master station and continental 590P DC governor as the slave station, and introduces the specific hardware configuration process and PLC programming of communication between them through Profibus network

1 Preface:

fieldbus is a bridge for communication between controllers and field devices. With the increasing development of fieldbus technology, its advantages such as high speed, accuracy and reliability have gradually emerged. As a kind of field bus, PROFIBUS-DP has been widely used in the field of factory automation. PROFIBUS-DP is an open network through which products from different manufacturers can communicate. Taking SIMATIC s PLC of Siemens company as an example, this paper introduces how to realize the communication with Continental 590P governor through PROFIBUS-DP bus

2 hardware configuration part:

create an item in SIMATIC manger and configure the network configuration in hardware. The CPU selected by the system is CPU DP. When inserting the CPU, configure the Profibus network. The default station address is 2, the transmission rate is 1.5mbit/s, the line specification is DP, and the Profibus attribute is DP master station. Just press OK

all the third-party devices supporting PROFIBUS-DP protocol have GSD files. When configuring the slave system, it is necessary to manually load the GSD files. Put the CD-ROM from continental Europe into the computer, and then click "options instal make more contributions to China's scientific and Technological Development l GSD file browse (designated to d) -install" in the hardware configuration window. As shown in figure (1):

figure (1) installation of continental GSD drive

after installation, the installed drive file will be found in the directory "PROFIBUS often uses 7-layer, 9-layer or 11 layer membrane structure DP addition with a price of 899 Euro al field devices drive" on the right side of the configuration screen, and eurothrem 590+ will be directly dragged onto the Profibus bus as shown in figure (2). The system will automatically assign the address of the governor on the bus, It can also be manually assigned. The range can be selected. However, the addresses 0, 1 and 2 are usually used as the primary site address, which should be avoided as much as possible. Add the process data read module according to the amount of data required. This paper takes reading the current and speed and setting the ramp speed value as an example. Two process data reads and one process data write are required, as shown in figure (2). Double click the EUROTHERM 590+ module to open the 590+ feature dialog box and select the parameter assignment tab. As shown in figure (2), in the column of value, the first three groups are reserved by the system and cannot be changed, as shown in figure (2), 3. The following is the hexadecimal value of the tag number of the 590+ parameters you need to read or change. Each two groups correspond to one parameter in Europe. 012a (HEX) shown in Figure 4 is the motor current feedback, and the tag number is 298. By analogy, 5 corresponds to speed feedback, and the tag number is 207. 6 corresponds to ramp input, and the tag number is 5. After configuring the required data, click OK to close the dialog box. Finally, compile and save, and complete the hardware and network configuration

figure (2) hardware configuration

3 governor setting part:

the communication type and address of continental 590P and PLC need to be set. The required parameters are shown in figure (3)

communication mode selection: menu-seismic links-tec option-type-profibus dp

communication address selection: menu-seismic links-tec option-address (address range) is set to ensure that its 1 address is consistent with the address in PLC configuration. For example, in this example, after all the settings of address 3

are completed, save the parameters: menu-parameter save-save

4 PLC programming part

plc can read and write through sfc14 and sfc15, or operate directly through move instruction

the data block corresponding to the PLC in this example is shown in figure (4), and the program is shown in figure (5)

5 conclusion

through the above introduction, based on PROFIBUS-DP bus, through hardware configuration and governor parameter setting, the communication between S and continental 590P governor can be established. Through programming, the status monitoring and control of the device can be realized. This communication method can also realize the communication between PLC and multiple governors. This method is also applicable to continental 690 inverter. (end)

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