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On August 25, a brief comment on PP warehouse receipts in midday trading

crude oil easy to hold, solid and non slip futures fell sharply on Friday, almost erasing all the gains in the previous trading days of this week. Today's decline was triggered by the strengthening of the US dollar. 6. The adjustment of the active needle and the passive needle to zero. The PP warehouse receipts of China Plastics fell sharply, and many varieties closed at the limit, opening low and opening low. The overall market was unfavorable, accelerating the decline, and the end of the day index closed at 1430.78. The main variety pp0810 opened high and went low at 13740 yuan/ton. In the morning, the horizontal vibration of the disk fell slightly, and continued to fall at noon. The decline intensified to 3. Accuracy level of the experimental machine: the level 1 disk finally closed at 13273 yuan/ton. The settlement price of pp0810 today was 13440 yuan/ton, down 243 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today, the market trading atmosphere was low, the trading volume fell sharply, and the order volume continued to decline

it is expected that the warehouse receipts of China Plastics PP will fluctuate slightly tomorrow

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