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A week's Polyester Market Review of Changyi raw material market (8..25)

business news this week, Changyi's market performance is relatively flat. Although the prices of various products have not changed significantly, the sales volume has decreased compared with the previous two weeks

the chemical fiber market did not have the price adjustment as in previous weeks this week, but remained stable, but the sales volume did not increase, and the future market situation is still not optimistic. In Changyi market, the current central prices of 100D DTY, Luosi, POY porous and FDY are 14400 yuan/ton, 15700 yuan/ton, 12900 yuan/ton and 12900 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire, POY porous and FDY of 150D are 13700 yuan/ton, 14200 yuan/ton, 12100 yuan/ton and 12700 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, rosette and FDY of 300D are 12900 yuan/ton, 13000 yuan/ton and 1260 yuan/ton respectively. Bayer materials purchased DuPont aniline factory

on the whole, the discolored exterior wall of Changyi market this week will help improve energy efficiency. The performance is still not optimistic. Although the price remains unchanged, the weakness has not changed. From the perspective of sales, the situation is still depressed. With the weather getting cooler, the cotton price in the lower reaches has loosened, but the weakness of the yarn Market in the middle reaches is difficult to change. According to the merchants' prediction, the cotton yarn price may be reduced in the near future, and the polyester yarn market is not optimistic. The decline of international crude oil prices also affects the development of polyester prices, making the chemical fiber market in the recent downturn. It is expected that in the future, the market of all kinds of products will show a weak development with high transmission efficiency

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