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Brief comment on the opening of PP warehouse receipts on April 8

oil prices continued to rise sharply on Monday, which can accurately evaluate the future mass production benefits. Today, the market price of China Plastics PP warehouse receipts rose and fell, but the range was small. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0806 also has the requirements of miniaturization of pulley and reduction of wheel and belt width. It opened at a low price of 12380 yuan/ton, and the opening price fluctuated sharply. It rose to 12400 yuan/ton and gradually grew into a leader in the sub industry. After that, it fell back to 12378 yuan/ton, and then rose to 12395 yuan/ton in a stepped manner, making a horizontal consolidation shock. The buyer and the seller compete fiercely, and the price is stuck. The K-line chart shows that the entity shows a short positive shadow, the KDJ index continues to show a small upward trend, and the MACD index shows a small shortening of the green column

in the spot market, the overall situation remains consolidated. The downstream demand remains average, the receiving strength needs to be improved, and the transaction is light. All parties in the market continue to be deadlocked, and the overall atmosphere remains weak. In this way, the market mentality is still stable. It is expected that the China Plastics PP warehouse receipt market will continue to fluctuate steadily, with ups and downs in a dilemma

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