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On August 14, PP warehouse receipt was briefly commented in early trading

oil prices rose $2.99 on Wednesday. Today, most of the warehouse receipts of sinoplastics PP rose by the limit, and the disk was red. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0810 opened at the limit price of 13030 yuan/ton, and broke the limit price twice during the period, but it was still closed at the limit price in the end. The buyer accounts for a large proportion of the important role of hydraulic oil in the universal testing machine, and the trading atmosphere is good. The K-line diagram shows that the entity has received a short male line with bare head and bare feet, and the center of gravity of the entity is higher than the previous intersection ldquo; Power lithium battery cathode material is the focus of the company's market implementation at this stage, and it is easy to rise day by day. The opening of the third line of KDJ index is accelerating and expanding. MACD appears red column

in the spot market, the success of the current market rebound depends on the following factors: first, there is no hope of short-term improvement in downstream demand. The downturn in the product industry is obvious to all, and it is difficult for existing enterprises to receive goods in large quantities in the short term. Second, Sinopec's inventory is still too large. However, the fact that retail investors basically have no inventory is indeed in front of them. When the supply of goods is transferred from petrochemical to retail investors, there may be a certain rise, but whether the supply of goods can continue to be transmitted to the downstream and then digested is still a mystery. Third, the problem of mentality. At present, the mentality of retail investors has slightly recovered, and the increase in receiving goods has led to a rise in prices. The receiving capacity and influence of the majority of retail investors on the market cannot be underestimated

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