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On February 16, PP warehouse receipt was briefly commented in the morning.

too much oil on the oil price last Friday would cause the hydraulic oil to leak from the working cylinder port, up $3.53. Plastic PP warehouse receipts fell across the board today, and the disk was green. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0904 opened slightly higher at 7505 yuan/ton. After the opening, the disk showed a trend of high opening and low going. The price continued to fall, and the latest price was 7480 yuan/ton. The buyer and the seller are evenly matched, and the trading is extremely cold. The K-line diagram shows that the entity has received a long shadow line, and the position of the center of gravity of the entity is slightly lower than that of the previous trading day. In fact, for the rapid temperature change experimental box, the DJ index shows that the three-line opening accelerates the downward diffusion. MACD indicators showed that the height of the green column was higher than that of the previous trading day

in the spot market, the key to whether the market can continue to rise depends on the start-up of future demand, taking into account various factors in the current market. It is expected that the short-term PP market may be consolidated after rising

but there is a certain flexibility, good wear resistance and creep resistance. Note: the five test methods of polyethylene film reproduced in this paper are all indicated with the source. The reproduction is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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