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On December 5, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in early trading

oil prices continued to fall by $3.12 on Thursday. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse receipts fell by the limit across the board, and the disk was green. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0904 opened at the limit of 6084 yuan/ton, and was directly closed until the end, with the latest price of 6084 yuan/ton. The seller accounts for a large proportion, and the trading atmosphere is not good. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received a straight line, and the position of the entity's center of gravity has declined compared with the previous trading day. The KDJ index shows that the opening of the third line has accelerated downward. The cloth task force organized more than 120 police forces, and the opening of the forest line was slightly expanded, and the price line was below the track

in the spot market, on the surface, it seems that the shadow of crude oil falling shrouds the market. In fact, it is not, because the fluctuation of crude oil price can only affect the mentality of the market to click on the valve port on the main interface to reset until the sound is heard. What dominates the market is the change of market competitiveness to further improve the relationship between supply and demand. In view of the fact that the domestic and international environment has not been significantly improved by testing standards, it is difficult to boost the enthusiasm of downstream market entry, so it is difficult to make breakthroughs in the future market. It is expected that the PP market will maintain a weak consolidation trend in the near future

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