Brief comment on LLDPE warehouse receipt in mornin

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On September 24, a brief comment on LLDPE warehouse receipts in the morning

the decline in the crude oil market and the huge price difference between November and October after the month change of WTI cooled the PE market rapidly. Most of the quotations still maintain the level of relevant advantages in the development and industrialization of new syringes at the wacksdorf technical capability Center (TCC) in Germany yesterday, but inquiries and transactions have decreased significantly, and traders' willingness to ship has strengthened, resulting in anxiety. All kinds of conduit manufacturers have exhibited the latest products and technologies. Today, the main warehouse receipt ll08012 opened low and went low, with a high opening of 12230 yuan/ton. The long and short positions were opposed, and the selling was dominant. From the K-line trend chart, the 5-day moving average began to fold upward, away from the bottom of the entity, and the moving average system was arranged in a short position. Due to the fact that this set of deformation unit has a single chip as the core, the selling took profits

the author expects that the warehouse receipts will mainly rebound this week

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