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Introduction: four bottlenecks hinder the development of domestic folding machine enterprises and need to break through

after continuous learning and strategic planning, China folding machine company has occupied half of the market. However, the company still highlights several fatal problems in the process of progress. If it can't afford it enough and is not handled properly, it will seriously affect the progress and progress of the company

low content of science and technology

at this stage, cemented carbide flanging machines have occupied the leading position of flanging machine types in developed countries, accounting for up to 70%. However, the high-speed steel flanging machine is shrinking at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, and the proportion has fallen to less than 30% so far. At the same time, cemented carbide grinding flanging machine has also become the main flanging machine required by processing companies in China, and is widely used in the production of vehicles and parts, production model making, aerospace and other heavy industrial fields. However, China's flanging machine companies are not aware of the fact that they produce high-speed steel knives and a little poor quality standard flanging machines in a large number of places, and they absolutely do not think about the problem that the market reaches the maximum limit and the company needs, Finally, the medium and high-end folding machine market with high added value and high-tech content will be ceded to overseas companies. According to the data, the annual sales volume of China's flanging machines so far is about 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide flanging machines is not enough. 25% is 100%, but the cemented carbide flanging machines required by the domestic manufacturing industry have occupied more than 50% of the flanging machines. This kind of unclear understanding of production has seriously satisfied the domestic manufacturing industry's increasing demand for cemented carbide flanging machines day by day, Therefore, a vacuum in the medium and high-end market was formed, which was finally occupied by overseas companies

products with low value

16500 tons produced in China, so please check regularly. 4500 tons of cemented carbide are used in the production of grinding flanging machine, which is equivalent to that of Toyo. However, the value of the folding machine is only 800 million US dollars, which is far less than Toyo's 2.5 billion US dollars, which fully explains that there is still a considerable gap between the group production level of domestic cemented carbide high-efficiency folding machines and overseas. Therefore, on the premise that domestic companies cannot meet the needs of the market, the needs of the manufacturing industry can only be met by importing more. According to data, the annual sales rate of major foreign businessmen in China's medium and high-end folding machine market has increased by 30%, which has exceeded the average annual improvement level of domestic folding machines

services are not in line with international standards

multinational companies, such as Germany XiongKe, Toyo Daijie, Dan and other folding machine production companies, increased by 25.5% year-on-year. Maiyounimock has accumulated extensive production experience in a particularly long historical progress, which has voted that its service method is no longer a small hammer sale, but beyond the primary sales stage of face-to-face communication between SCM and industry insiders and only providing customers with folding machines, According to the problems of folding machines encountered by customers in the production process, we should put forward solutions as soon as possible. This advanced way of integrating sales into the production process of the company has become a sales form used by overseas companies. This is also one of the reasons why the products produced by well-known folding machine companies are expensive and marketable, and some Chinese companies, although large in quantity and wide in scope, can not win the eyes of customers

the company's informatization road is blocked

the century is a period of networking and informatization, and the level of the company's informatization will become a critical indicator to weigh the level of the company's modernization progress. Networking and informatization are not only a kind of knitting system, which can not only improve the high work speed, save work funds, speed up the response speed, but also provide market information, help the company judge and manufacture the company brand

at the same time, whether to look high and know how to publicize yourself with the help of TV stations is also one of the differences between Chinese and foreign folding machine companies. Every time before, after or during major exhibitions, some internationally renowned companies will use industry TV stations to promote their own company brands or new products. The person in charge of the company happily accepts and highly values the visits of the TV stations. Gongban flange machine feels that some Chinese companies may be shy or afraid to accept the visits and reports of the TV stations, Finally, the opportunity to publicize products and companies without charging was lost

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