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Four characteristics of the development status of Wenzhou fastener industry in 2012

Wenzhou fastener industrial park with high-strength standard parts Park in Daqiao New Area as the core and Wuyuan Town, Qinshan town and Yucheng industrial zone as the support has basically taken shape. First, Wenzhou's fastener industry agglomeration and industrial chain construction were further strengthened. Wenzhou fastener Industrial Park, with the high-strength standard parts Park in Daqiao New Area as the core and relying on Wuyuan Town, Qinshan town and Yucheng Industrial Zone, has basically taken shape. The development strategy of leading and dislocation has achieved good results, with more than 450 production enterprises supporting 10 Wenzhou fastener leading enterprises with annual exports of more than US $10million and 18 key enterprises with exports of more than US $1million; Wenzhou fastener industry group has more than 1200 industrial and commercial registered enterprises, including 827 manufacturing enterprises; The chamber of Commerce and 12 key production enterprises have established direct supply relationships with more than 20 steel companies; The construction of the Inland River Wharf and storage system of the chamber of Commerce, which integrates Huangqiao comprehensive wharf, Daqiao wharf and Xitangqiao wharf, has basically taken shape

Second, the output and sales of fasteners in Wenzhou have achieved rapid growth. Wenzhou fastener enterprises with self operated export performance in the county reached 49, an increase over the previous year. One difficulty lies in the addition of 14 terminal tests, including 28 Enterprises with exports of more than US $1million, an increase of 9; The self operated export of Wenzhou fastener products (steel products) in the county reached 362million US dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 54.6%. The proportion of Wenzhou fastener products in the total self operated export increased from 36.3% in the same period last year to 39.6%, becoming the largest export product in the county. While self operated exports have increased rapidly, foreign trade supply and domestic sales have also maintained a sustained growth trend. The annual output of fasteners in Wenzhou reached 880000 tons, and the product sales reached 6.5 billion yuan, of which self operated exports, foreign trade supply and domestic sales each accounted for about one third

third, the investment attraction situation of Wenzhou fastener industry is gratifying. In the whole year, as long as the contract introduction is 1, ask Jinan locals about the foreign capital related to Wenzhou fastener industry of US $27.2158 million, and the actually utilized foreign capital is US $27.9087 million. Zhejiang Morgan Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Laibao Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Huigang Enterprise Co., Ltd. and other Wenzhou fastener projects with more than $10million are progressing smoothly. In addition, 87 domestic enterprises have continuously invested 2.116 billion yuan in Wenzhou fastener industry in the past two years. These inputs will be output in this year and next, making Wenzhou fastener industry cluster in our county have a greater impact at home and abroad

fourth, the quality of fasteners in Wenzhou has been greatly improved. Actively implement the 2007 standard Wenzhou fastener industry quality assistance work, consolidate and develop the achievements of standard parts industry quality revitalization, promote the application and standardized operation of ISO9001 quality management system, and form a number of enterprises with relatively stable product quality and complete production and testing equipment. In 2007, the batch qualification rate of fasteners in Wenzhou of our county reached 86. Long fiber reinforced mixed fiber is an ideal material 2%, an increase of 5 percentage points over the same period last year, and the product quality index reached 90.14%. In the activities of implementing brand strategy, giving play to brand effect, striving for famous trademarks and improving the market competitiveness of Wenzhou fastener products, the filament rods of Jiaxing brother Standard Parts Co., Ltd. were rated as national inspection free products

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