Four common misunderstandings in the use of color

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There are four common misunderstandings in the use of color in color newspaper layout design (2)

Third, compared with the machine impact testing machine, the analyzer: the data of the mechanical cold and hot impact testing machine are read manually from the dial, ignoring the visibility of words

the ability of human eyes to recognize color has a certain limit. Due to the assimilation of color, the contrast between colors is easy to distinguish between the strong and the weak, which is called visibility in chromatics. For example, if the picture level is not clear, it is difficult for us to see the content of the picture. The color on the layout is usually combined with the text, either the background color of the text or the color of the text, which leads to the contrast between the text and color. For readers, the most important thing is the text. Therefore, the use of layout color must pay attention to the recognizability of the text. We call it the visibility of the text with the help of chromatics

Nakata, Japan, revealed the visibility of color contrast in Color Aesthetics: (unit: m)

(color contrast of color aesthetics)

from the table, it can be seen that yellow has the lowest visibility on white paper. Orange is clearly matched with any color. It has the advantages of red and yellow. It is soft, bright and easy for people to accept. The visibility of red is also high. Orange and red are commonly used in newspapers at present. The combination of yellow white, green red, green gray, green red, purple red, purple black, blue black and other combinations has low visibility, which should be avoided

when analyzing the visibility of words, we should also pay full attention to the forward and backward nature of color. When we observe the multi-color bars of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, gray and white, the four colors of red, yellow, orange and white first come into our eyes, because these colors have high brightness and purity, giving people a sense of progress, which is the forward and backward nature of color. The forward color should not be used as the background

we do not advocate printing color blocks on the text, because it will reduce the visibility of the text. If the font size is not large enough, it should be avoided. The background color of the text should be on the premise that it does not hinder the reading of the text, so it is appropriate to refer to the small size text in the table below for a certain length, with a soft and light tone as the background, and avoid the use of dark tones such as blue-green and blue purple

IV. overemphasize the stimulation of color

when we look at colors in life, we will feel that some colors are very dazzling, which seems to bring confidence to extruder enterprises, such as yellow. This is caused by the different degree of excitement of the color stimulation of the optic membrane. When people look down on the light (dark) color, the excitement on the optic membrane is in a low-energy state, and the fatigue is small, so they don't feel dazzling

readers never want to damage their eyesight when reading newspapers. Therefore, the color of the layout should try to use less hues with high visual fatigue. Generally speaking, high brightness and high purity colors have high stimulation intensity and fatigue. In the achromatic system, white has the highest lightness and black has the lowest lightness; Among the color systems, the brightest one is yellow and the darkest one is purple. This is why the whiter the printing paper, the better. The words printed on paper with too high whiteness look dazzling and affect your eyesight. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing fatigue, colored paper is more suitable for reading. The economic observer, a new newspaper, uses light orange paper, one of the reasons is to make the visual sense fully soft and never dazzling white

the intensity of color stimulation is high, and the layout is certainly relatively jumping off. However, such colors should not be used in a large area and the frequency should not be high. Although the low lightness color fatigue is small, it often makes people feel depressed, and we don't agree that the layout design is too dim. The ideal method is to use soft and bright light warm colors

layout color design, as a branch of design color, involves many disciplines such as physics, physiology, psychology and aesthetics. Different colors cause different psychological effects. Compared with many experimental machines on the market in China, the arrangement of red, white and blue colors will arouse patriotic feelings in the hearts of Americans and French, but others will not. According to the analysis of marketing theory, the perceptual expectation caused by color can affect consumers' feelings about products or events, and the visual factors of marketing information often fully indicate the attributes of a commodity. The layout color design should also be a symbol of newspaper personality and quality. Serious newspapers will not use gaudy colors, and newspapers facing ordinary people will not use the soft colors of petty bourgeoisie like the so-called noble publications. Color should become a part of the overall image design of the newspaper, and it is an important consideration. The choice of color should be very careful, and can't be arbitrary

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