Four conditions for the success of caodewang glass

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Caodewang of Fuyao Glass: four conditions for the success of glass enterprises

what role does the capital market play in promoting the development of Fuyao Glass? The success of Fuyao Glass has little impact on the price (except for the door style), and what enlightenment does it bring to the capital market

caodewang: "it's unrealistic to say that there is no big one. For example, Saint Gobain came in and exited through the Chinese stock market. Saint Gobain came in and needed Fuyao Glass, but Saint Gobain didn't go out, and Fuyao Glass couldn't do it. Now he is a good friend with Saint Gobain." The most valuable thing is that Fuyao adheres to internationalization, standardization and standardization in enterprise management, and can consider how to balance the relationship between the state, society and individuals in the distribution of wealth

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what role does the personal charm of the founder and helmsman play in the development of the enterprise

caodewang: it plays the role of soul

as the chairman of Fuyao Glass, caodewang believes that enterprises must have confidence to succeed

the first is cultural self-confidence: we should have faith and cultivate compassion, compassion and kindness. Faith can bring many scattered micro cracks. After gathering and communication, we will form knowledge and wisdom with many macro cracks; Have enough working experience; Have profound knowledge, whether it is financial accounting or purchasing and sales

the second is political self-confidence: everyone has to pay attention to politics in everything he does. The politics of entrepreneurs is to respect heaven and love others. To respect heaven is to abide by laws and regulations and pay taxes; Love is to love employees, suppliers and customers, and can reshape system users and shareholders, and protect their interests. If you do, people will respect you very much. The third is self-confidence in behavior. Dare to be responsible, be grateful and challenge

another is ability self-confidence: ability should be enough to support decision-making management, that is, virtue should be coordinated as Lao Tzu said. Ability must also be greater than position, position, so as to succeed

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