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Aige's memory of Jiangnan series &8212; The master bedroom takes the beautiful and dignified Chinese culture as the starting point, integrates into the modern design language, that precipitated and familiar tone dyed the furniture red, copper locks and carvings decorated the furniture, retro grey bricks and noble lotus wallpaper wrapped the wall, condensing the unprecedented and beautiful Chinese classical charm for the bedroom. Aige's memory of Jiangnan series &8212; The beauty of the second bedroom has no time and space boundaries. China red is a classic representative at any time. The solid wood wardrobe in vermilion has a unique shape. The hollow Bogu shelf design allows books and accessories to be fully displayed. Some bedtime magazines are placed in the front of the bed cabinet to reduce excessive dependence on mobile phones. Aige's memory of Jiangnan series &8212; The guest restaurant enters the door and faces the simple dining table. The wine cabinet and lights also add atmosphere to the restaurant. When the camera turns to the living room, it is also antique color matching. The TV cabinet, tea table and sofa are suitable. Sitting on the sofa has a sense of reading culture and history. Aige's memory of Jiangnan series &8212; Chinese style kitchen cabinets make the kitchen, which is a hot place, full of beautiful temperament. The structural design fits the usage habits, making the process of hurried operation more handy. Refrigerators, ovens, smoking machines and other electrical appliances are reasonably embedded, making the cooking world more colorful. Aige's memory of Jiangnan series &8212; The neutral tone of the bathroom makes the bathroom say goodbye to the cold and embrace the warmth. The clear space layout makes the functions perfect and reasonable. Add some green plants to make the whole space more fresh, and every time you leave home and return home, you can become more relaxed and comfortable. Customized furniture www.aiegle Scan and follow aiger's public wechat




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