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The simple and neat lines outline the delicate outline of the space. The modern furniture and exquisite decoration add color to the whole home. The 80 square meter small house with two bedrooms does not show luxury, and the low-key nature brings you the most warm and ordinary experience. If you want to know how this small home is, you might as well take a look at the following group of small house decoration design renderings

decoration files:

decoration community: Nanhu Mingdu (more decoration renderings of Nanhu Mingdu) decoration bidding, decoration map house type: two rooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: modern simple contract amount: 50000

the spacious floor to ceiling windows in the figure introduce sufficient natural light to the room, making the whole small family home appear transparent and bright, and a set of comfortable tables and chairs are placed on the bright balcony adjacent to the living room, When you are free, you will find that life is so comfortable by sitting there reading books or chatting with your family. If you prefer natural scenery, it is also good to decorate and design this place into a small household garden. The modern simple style living room is mainly black and white, and then decorated with green potted plants, which not only has a good visual effect, but also adds vitality to the space

the white porch storage cabinet is divided into upper and lower parts with the black mirror in the middle as the boundary. The suspended decoration design method helps to avoid the visual heaviness and is conducive to daily cleaning. In the effect picture, the whole wall of the porch cabinet is inlaid with black mirrors, which reflect the scenery of the restaurant and TV area, creating a space effect of double beauty of small family home, and playing a role in expanding space at the same time

the ceiling of the restaurant is inlaid with mirrors to make the space look more three-dimensional. The hanging chandeliers are presented in a combined way. The small chandeliers are simple and elegant, the black dining tables and chairs are simple and fashionable, and the three decorative paintings with black borders and beautiful scenery patterns on the white background wall are neatly arranged. Simple decoration design and simple decoration add color to this small family home. The visual effect of modern simple style home is really good

mirror is the simplest decoration method in the design of small bathroom, and it can also play an immediate decorative effect. Like the above figure, a square mirror of appropriate size is designed at the position above the basin, which plays a good role in expanding the space for the decoration of small houses. Moreover, the low hanging design is adopted for the bathroom cabinet and toilet in the decoration effect drawing of this small bathroom, so that the originally small bathroom is compactly arranged with various washing function areas, and the level division is also in place, which well balances the spaciousness of the small space

[introduction to Nanhu Mingdu community] to the south is Xiongchu street in Wuchang, to the East is Shai lake, which is very close to Wuchang railway station, The planned subway line 4 station is nearby

building area: 31250 square meters

plot ratio: 2.30 greening rate: 35%

parking space information: 430

surrounding supporting facilities: shopping malls and supermarkets (3) education supporting facilities (4) transportation supporting medical facilities (3)

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