Provence flower fragrance French style Mediterrane

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How comfortable it is to eat in a restaurant with a view and feel the sunshine! The wooden ceiling in the corridor makes the narrow corridor full of fun. The entrance and living room floor composed of colorful antique bricks, tiles and mosaics create a rural flavor without carving, which brings us into an exotic style

anyone who has seen the biography of Van Gogh will remember that outstanding painters once created and lived here. Houses with red tiles and white walls, ancient stone alleys, neat fields, and primitive mountains are full of strong artistic flavor everywhere... A real picture of thousands of styles seems to be in front of us...

arch doors constitute a major feature of Provence, and all reveal strong French customs, At the same time, it also makes the whole background wall form continuity and visual permeability; In the living room, a bunch of lavender with the words "waiting for love" seemed to be looking forward to the return of the host

the rich red is a symbol of auspiciousness, and this color is also common in Southeast Asian styles. The bedroom with cool color furniture can calm the anxious red immediately





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