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Exquisite lamp zafferano's brilliant and exquisite artistic light, his traditional glass technology, makes him well integrated with metal materials, and his innovative and elegant form all shows his artistic charm

zafferano is an Italian company led by Federico De major. It takes creativity and Italian design as the basis for product design and realization. All products are not only designed to achieve functionality and decoration, but also pay more attention to giving life dreams and emotions

the advanced technology, differentiated professional knowledge and creativity of brand products make it a trendsetter in the industry. Even in challenging environments, he also provides customized solutions for allocating, limiting and controlling light, which have become a high-quality feature of public space design

exquisite craftsmanship is deeply embedded in his design. Careful and considerate handling and elegance are important factors in Xline. Between process and design, users' needs are more carefully and professionally observed. Their design is driven by passion for geometric proportions and attention to detail

so far, zafferano has designed and manufactured many lighting systems and accessories for houses, cities, squares, streets, courtyards, porches, gardens, floors, ceilings, warehouses, stores, showrooms, etc., which we can't count

the product comes from yourong - Italian home zafferano





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