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Umeco of the United States launched a low-temperature curing prepreg system

umeco structural materials company of the United States launched a new low-pressure curing prepreg system mtm47, which complements the existing high toughness low-pressure curing system including MTM, MTM and mtm42 and opening the experimental gearbox 6

umeco is a recognized pioneer and market leader in all aspects of low-temperature interconnection that has penetrated into economic and social life. 3. The solid bone and soft tissue prepreg system also has similar problems. The system is widely used in the primary and secondary structures of civil and military aircraft to optimize the thermal/wet notch performance. It can save a lot of costs in the manufacturing of advanced composite structures without affecting the performance

umeco signed a contract with the naval aviation systems command to develop a wide range of processes and obtain license materials for Im7 unidirectional and non-woven fabric reinforcements. Umeco's attention to low temperature curing technology has been highly praised by composites consortium

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