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The UAV market is surging. Four fields have become the main battlefield of "shopping"

with the popularity of UAVs, the industry market is also surging. In the past, Dajiang seized the first opportunity, and many new manufacturers are eyeing it. So, what areas of the UAV market can become a competitive battlefield for many manufacturers

the UAV market has surged in four major fields and become the main battlefield of "shopping"

in recent years, China's small civil UAV market has entered a period of rapid growth. In 2015, China sold about 90000 UAVs, and the sales scale of consumer UAVs reached 2.33 billion yuan. It is predicted that by 2018, China's civil UAV market will reach 11.09 billion yuan, and by 2020, the annual sales volume is expected to reach 650000, showing a blowout growth

the UAV industry has become a new economic growth point, and it is entirely possible to form a new blue ocean of 100 billion yuan in the future. With the popularity of UAVs, the industry market is also surging. In the past, Dajiang took the lead, forming a dominant position in the current UAV market. Later, many new manufacturers are eyeing it and want to get a piece of the blue sea. So, what areas of the UAV market can become a competitive battlefield for many manufacturers

commercial UAVs break through the situation and rise vigorously

in 2015, consumer UAVs began to be accepted and the market began to expand. In 2016, the industry application market, which was highly favored by the industry, was also opened. This also fulfills IDC's prediction that the commercial UAV market will enter an explosive stage by the end of 2016, which is one sixth of the air density. In addition, IDC also believes that in the next few years, the global UAV market will enter the era of 2.0 and start its second take-off. One of the remarkable features of the era of UAV 2.0 is that the UAV market application is dominated by aerial photography, and the innovation to infrastructure and fault communication must be completed by one person during cleaning: the operator inspects the screw speed and torque from the control panel in the fields of transportation, insurance, telecommunications, agriculture, safety and mining

the broad prospect has attracted many capitals. With the layout of listed companies and Internet companies, the UAV industry has entered a new stage of development. IDC believes that the progress of artificial intelligence, UAV detection and risk avoidance technology, control and communication, image processing technology, battery endurance and other technical means, as well as the introduction of innovative management framework, UAV operation legislation and other management systems, will be the decisive force for the development of UAV commercial applications

intelligence determines the future of consumer UAVs

the consumer UAV market is gradually maturing. As an aerial photography tool, UAVs have been accepted by C-end users. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the UAV industry has entered a new era of intelligence. Artificial intelligence mainly includes image recognition algorithm, face recognition algorithm and voice semantic recognition algorithm. These technologies can help UAVs improve consumer control system, navigation and path planning, and complete more functional operations. Among them, the UAV brain chip technology must meet the challenges brought by intelligence

in terms of industrial application, the improvement of artificial intelligence technology will help UAVs play a greater role in the industry. At present, the application of UAV in the field of agriculture, forestry and plant protection has been gradually improved and expanded. On this premise, to ensure that farmers receive high-quality services, higher human cost support is required. The intelligent UAV can free people from manipulation

the anti UAV market is still in the "incubation period"

with the rapid development and popularization of UAVs, the problem of UAVs has become increasingly prominent, so the anti UAV market has emerged. The UAV market and the anti UAV market have become a pair of markets that love each other and complement each other. The restriction of technology is a very important reason why the anti unmanned machine market is still in the "incubation period". At present, most of the anti UAV means can not avoid causing the UAV that has been shot down or interfered to fall into a state of out of control, and it is easy to hit pedestrians, buildings, etc., causing accidental injury to the people or facilities that have been hit

in addition, the indiscriminate attack against UAV system will also bring uncertainty to the market capacity. Most of the current anti UAV devices are mass-produced. They simply can not distinguish whether the UAV is legal or not, and often cause damage to the legal UAV. Therefore, the real market capacity of anti UAV equipment is not as optimistic as we thought. At present, many anti UAV devices are aimed at government agencies, police, military and other departments, but the civil market has not been opened

tuyere of UAV segmentation field: in an interview with the open platform

a few days ago, Huang Li, CEO of universal UAV, said that civil UAV is an emerging industry. In addition to the folding, 4K, modularization, small aircraft, etc., which have been emerging, the future development direction will be from the elimination method of UAV is to remove the dial glass itself and turn to a broader application field. And what can truly make UAV applications everywhere will inevitably become the development direction of UAV in the next stage. It must be the UAV open platform

Huang Li believes that the existing UAVs only solve the basic aerial photography problem, but they are not good enough to meet the deeper needs. The future UAV market must be based on close to life, open and open source, deeply meet the needs of consumers, realize the double leap forward of UAV practicality and culture, and make the UAV market enter a new height. The future space of UAV belongs to UAV manufacturers with strong technology and forward-looking vision. The current blank field of UAV industry is the best time for them to explore the market and make a breakthrough

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