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The United States, China and Germany ranked among the top three in terms of IOT's profits in 2013. Recent research by Cisco shows that IOT will make a profit of $613billion in 2013, thus attracting more and more companies to innovate and invest in IOT technology

the IOT value index research conducted by Cisco indicates that enterprises have achieved the goal of doubling their profits by using the business practices, customer solutions and technologies of the IOT concept

rob Lloyd, President of Cisco development and sales, said that IOT has infinite potential and will reshape the economic pattern and innovate key industries

the question is who will take the lead and take the lead in the emerging economic situation. Research shows that the key to success is not the geographical location or scale of the company, but who first applies IOT concepts and technologies, Lloyd said

the study estimated that, in addition to the profit of US $631billion, if the company can adjust its strategy and make better use of IOT, it will continue to create a profit of US $544billion

this figure will remind large and small enterprises to understand the role of IOT and make full use of IOT to improve profitability, Lloyd added

this study surveyed 7500 enterprises and it leaders around the world. 69% believed that the global job market would generate more employment opportunities due to the impact of the IOT concept; 89% believe that the development of IOT will drive the improvement of salary level; Others said that the IOT platform needs to be on a solid foundation or workbench; Technology helps improve security and privacy

this study also shows that the United States, China and Germany will be the biggest beneficiaries of IOT technology in 2013, with a profit of $253billion, $76.9 billion and $54.4 billion for 30 low-alloy high-strength structural steels

in 2013, the service and manufacturing profits in IOT will reach a peak of US $158.8 billion and US $103.1 billion respectively

the focus of overseas M & A in China's chemical industry this year, the key driving forces of IOT are focused on the supply chain (profit of US $158.7 billion), customer experience of 196 degrees of low temperature (US $145.2 billion), innovation (US $110.5 billion), use of fixed assets (US $109.7 billion), and employee productivity (US $89.3 billion)

the improvement of supply chain, customer experience and innovation is still the main driving force for IOT standard application. There are a variety of ways to apply it, including mobile technology, cloud computing and big data

an earlier report indicates that the wireless connection devices of IOT will reach 30billion by 2020

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