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Guiping Power Supply Bureau's UAV patrols and accurately checks the fault points. Panxuehua lisongju, China Power News correspondent, reported that "the start handle switch and the aircraft's self-test are normal. The UAV is connected, the GPS signal is good, and it is ready to take off. The flight altitude is 25 meters, and the wind speed is 6.3 meters per second. No line abnormality has been found yet."

on May 16, in Wenchong village, Guiping City, Nanfang electric power transmission and operation inspection team of Guigang Guiping Power Supply Bureau of Guangxi was remotely controlling a 4-wing propeller UAV to carry out fault inspection on the 35kV Nanpo line

at 13:00 on May 16, just at noon, the transmission operation inspection team of the Bureau received the notice from the dispatching center that the 35kV Nanpo line had tripped, so it was necessary to immediately carry out fault inspection and troubleshooting. The power transmission team quickly gathered and specified the results, divided into two groups to conduct special patrol and model troubleshooting for the whole line, and dispatched two UAV patrol teams at the same time. Most of the 35 kV Nanpo line passes through mountainous areas. The transmission line is long and the region is complex. The traditional fault inspection is mainly carried out by means of pole climbing inspection and ground telescope observation. Wiping oil consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and time. With the application of UAV patrol technology, the staff can inspect and record the transmission line from the "God's perspective" through the high-definition camera on the UAV, and easily analyze and process the image data, judge the line operation and improve the patrol efficiency

according to the system display that lightning has a certain increase over the previous year, the fault point is about within the range of No. 48 to No. 55 towers. The UAV operator carefully surveyed the site, identified the main dangerous points on the site, and organized patrol inspection at No. 48 tower base by base. After the commissioning of the UAV, two operators operated the UAV to check the tower base by base. The UAV can shuttle between the tower insulator and conductor with ease, and transmit clear videos and pictures to the ground for analysis by the transmission operation inspection personnel. After one hour of patrol inspection, the UAV accurately found the line fault point - there was obvious discharge trace on the phase a insulator of No. 50 pole of 35kV Nanpo line, which was judged to be the fault trip caused by lightning

"with power, you can finally eat. Now the repair efficiency is getting higher and higher." Seeing the villagers come in an endless stream and applaud one after another, the teachers finally smiled after the tense repair work was completed. The traditional manual troubleshooting method "takes a lot of effort when the inserts are preheated to just below the melting temperature, and the efficiency is low. After using the UAV, the time to rush to repair the power can be reduced to 60% of the original time.

by using the UAV to patrol the line, the fault point can be found quickly, which greatly improves the patrol efficiency, improves the line operation and maintenance level, helps the line lean management, and plays a role in ensuring the safe and stable operation of power supply

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