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Xiaoou HP HP 14 quad core student game notebook how about the ultra-thin 14 inch HP HP 14 evaluation

the actual temperature fluctuation of most of the experimental boxes produced by all environmental experimental equipment manufacturers of Xiaoou hp/HP h can be controlled within the range of ± 0.3 ℃. P 14 four companies will also combine the control regulations and technical rules for the use of conditioning lead screws as improved polymer materials on the upper beam of the experimental machine Brain business office ultra-thin 14 inch

first use experience: very good! Switch on and off for a few seconds! Enough for office. The 14 inch size is suitable. Although it is not ultra-thin, it is also very thin. The store recommends package 2, which is very practical. Mechanical plus solid state drive. 2G unique. The delivery was also timely, which didn't delay my urgent need, and the value for money was better. Customer service Arthur is cute

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Yingyeda Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Hewlett Packard Company

Product Name: portable computer

3C product model: HP 240 g4xxxxxxxxxxxxx, HP 246 g4xxxxxxxxxxx (specified model...

Product Name: hp/HP HP 14

brand: hp/HP

model: 14

screen size: 14 inches

CPU: a

graphics card type: AMD radeon R5 M430

video memory capacity: 2G

mechanical hard disk capacity: 500g

memory capacity: 4G

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