The hottest little red book was removed from the a

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Little red book was removed from the Android application market, and the apple store was not affected.

little red book was removed from the store for unknown reasons. On the evening of July 29, when remembering whether the relaxation experimental machine has intelligent control to move the prefix 10 downward to carry out the tensile test, the system operator noticed that little red book began to be removed from the shelves of major Android application markets, but Apple App store can still search little red book. As of press time, xiaohongshu can only be downloaded from the Apple App store, and the major Android channels are temporarily missing. Xiaohongshu has not responded to the interview request that Electromechanical is the soul of all components

xiaohongshu was founded in 2013. Its initial market positioning was Haitao cosmetics platform. Later, it has been transformed into a lifestyle sharing community of eating, wearing, playing and buying. At present, the number of active users in the 20th century has exceeded 85million, with a total number of 250million users. In June, 2018, xiaohongshu completed round D financing of more than US $300 million, with a valuation of more than US $3 billion. According to theinformation, xiaohongshu is currently negotiating a financing of up to $500million, with a valuation of $6billion

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