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Small I robot appears at the soft fair, and the intelligent robot is coming

the 12th China International Software Cooperation Fair (hereinafter referred to as the soft Fair), which has attracted the attention of the industry, will open in Chengdu, an important town in the southwest, on April 23, 2014. Small I robots will also appear at this grand event. In addition to systematically displaying small I robots and many industrial application cases at the meeting, it will also officially enter the entire southwest market with a construction period of 30 months

if you are not familiar with xiaoi, you must be familiar with intelligent customer service. The intelligent robot customer service systems of China Mobile, Chinatelecom, China Unicom, China Merchants Bank, Bank of communications, general motors and other well-known enterprises are all xiaoi's masterpieces

in addition, xiaoi has been deeply rooted in the intelligent customer service industry for many years. Since 2011, xiaoi has been sensitive to the arrival of the omni channel era of intelligent contact center, and began to build a set of intelligent Omni channel (page, SMS, Weibo, app, etc.) multimedia integration solutions for enterprises, integrating natural semantic analysis and understanding, intelligent search, knowledge construction and other technologies, so as to realize anthropomorphic dialogue with users, Provide service consultation to users in greetings. The problem of excess capacity in the raw material industry will exist for a long time in intelligent interactive services such as inquiry, product introduction, business handling, etc; The highly customized intelligent service platform allows enterprises to deeply integrate the CRM system and carry out precision marketing while providing vivid and interesting customer service

after nearly a decade of development, the scale and number of small I robot users have ranked first in the world, and the number of direct and indirect service users has exceeded 200million in the world

when Gartner, the world's famous IT research company, mentioned xiaoi, it also didn't hesitate to praise it. Xiaoi robot has been in the forefront of the world in moving from a single intelligent robot production 12, software reserved database interface products to comprehensive application solutions such as multiple interaction modes, multi-channel, knowledge base construction and management, data mining and analysis

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now, xiaoi has begun to make new moves on such a high-profile stage as the soft trade fair, that is, taking the soft trade fair as an opportunity to fully enter the entire southwest market and gradually deepen its promotion to other industries and fields

as the most advanced intelligent robot in the world and the most in-depth user in the industry, the appearance of xiaoi will definitely set off an upsurge of pursuing intelligent robot customer service at this software fair

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