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The name of

collateral printing first appeared in the late 1990s. It is clear from English that it is not a printing method, but a printingsolutions from network to printing. In 2007, the definition of online printing in the industry is to generate personalized documents in the form of server connection in the printing and media industry, including business processes. Web printing is a convenient way to realize printing with the development of web technology and the popularization of web application. Thomasmayer, marketing director of BVDM (German printing and media industry alliance), said: the network is affecting the printing industry with unprecedented breadth, especially in the field of prepress and order processing. At present, the application scope of online printing has included: Online jigsaw printing, digital printing, online on-demand printing (POD), online printing customer publishing, proofing output, online printing and so on

web printing application technology

web printing converts printing needs into a set of data information through order and file uploading. Printing manufacturers directly produce according to orders by standardizing processes and products. The printing factory can even connect the orders directly to the internal ERP system, from printing, quality inspection, cutting, binding, packaging, distribution, etc., prepare the corresponding bar code for each order number, connect with all links through computer infrared scanning, and finally transfer to the distribution center to print the distribution documents, and then wait for the express company or post office to pick up the pieces. In this way, all products are transmitted in the logistics system, reducing intermediate links, simplifying and standardizing the enterprise's operation process, improving operation efficiency, expanding the scope of product sales and the types of value-added services, improving the speed of cash flow of enterprises, and reducing the operating costs of printing plants. Undoubtedly, this is a form of transaction that all printing manufacturers and printing intermediaries are very longing for

since 2004 [[drupa exhibition]], the number of web printing systems provided to customers in Germany, Australia and Switzerland has doubled every year. Relevant procedures and major systems in the market are developing at the fastest speed. Drupa is the largest printing industry exhibition held every four years in Dusseldorf, Germany, with hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and exhibitors from around the world. Drupa2008 is also the drupa of web printing. Major printing solution suppliers in the world, including zipper, adobe, global imaging, etc., have proposed software systems or printing solutions based on web printing applications. It mainly includes: front-end system for ordering and purchasing; Variable data printing solution; The automation scheme of connecting the front-end system with the printing equipment, etc

network printing alliance marketing

with the continuous expansion of the network mosaic printing market and the improvement of enterprise informatization awareness, the number of enterprises engaged in network mosaic printing is increasing. On the one hand, online printing has helped enterprises greatly reduce marketing costs by relying on rapid information dissemination and unrestricted promotion, but on the other hand, it has also intensified the white heat and transparency of market competition, the endless price war has weakened the profits of the industry, the enterprise's living environment is deteriorating, the loyalty of middlemen is unprecedentedly threatened, and the middlemen's economic and technological innovation strategic alliance 17 business awareness, market 2 The problems in technical specifications and control ability of double head grinding machine have further emerged. Enterprises' investment in the fourth place in web printing is getting larger and larger, but the income is getting smaller and smaller. The whole web printing industry is in a state of chaos, dispersion and lack of integration. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

first, market competition is further intensified. In order to compete for customers, enterprises are fighting a price war without considering the basic interests and bottom line profits of the industry. Especially between manufacturers, the competition between middlemen in the upstream of marketing is very obvious

secondly, for manufacturers, the channel is unstable and the loyalty of middlemen is extremely low. Due to the fact that the manufacturer can't communicate effectively with the Chinese merchants, the middlemen are the grass-roots in the process of fierce competition in the market, and they won't tell the manufacturer when they want to transfer orders. The manufacturer can't grasp the loss situation and reasons of middlemen in time, let alone have good countermeasures. The manufacturer's marketing to middlemen is often =0, that is, one customer is established, and at the same time, another customer is lost

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