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Xiaoi robot and Genesys have a class! Bring you some new AI skills to create new economic growth

online seminar

new infrastructure is the digital infrastructure in today's digital economy era. Among the seven fields of the new infrastructure plan, artificial intelligence, as an important technology of the new generation of scientific and technological revolution, is gradually becoming a hot spot. China once regarded 2020 as the key year for China's AI to catch up with international advanced AI technology, and let AI finally help economic growth

genesys cooperates with xiaoi robot to create an online seminar, which will take you to understand how to support the customer contact center of enterprises and realize personalized intelligent customer service experience. By building intelligent knowledge for the customer contact center, we can improve the thermal management platform of electrical components, supporting intelligent services and related operation support tools, provide a series of intelligent solutions, and complete three levels of intelligent upgrade services. Through progressive intelligent services, we will help customer contact centers improve operational performance, achieve scalable service capabilities, and achieve sustainable development under future intelligent changes

at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

the tide of new infrastructure accelerates the intelligent upgrading in various fields

through cognitive intelligent upgrading services, help enterprises build their own AI power

create personalized intelligent customer service. 1. Do not click the run experiment button to find business opportunities and improve the sales conversion rate before opening the experiment.

deep intelligent transformation cases of customer service centers: intelligent marketing, intelligent assistant, intelligent assistant Intelligent human-machine interaction and intelligent outbound call

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