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A brief talk on traditional wine packaging design (Part 1)

taking the overall design process of the packaging design case of Luzhou laoyaojiao Guojiao 1573 original liquor souvenir as an example, the packaging design of Baijiu, a special commodity with unique quality and high cultural connotation, is raised to a theoretical level, and the theory of intention and image is put forward

key words: intention; Standing image; Traditional wine packaging design

wine is one of the products and symbols of the material civilization of the Chinese nation. The long history of the Chinese nation has created a long history of wine civilization. Until today, it has affected the tradition of our country. Therefore, the distance between the markings is also different cultures

in the Baijiu market with a wide variety, from the analysis of liquor sales, it is concluded that the unique style and extraordinary charm of inner and outer packaging of liquor play an important role in publicity and promotion of Baijiu sales. Many Baijiu manufacturers take the differentiation, uniqueness, originality, small batch quantification and personalization of liquor packaging as the leading ideas for developing Baijiu market. Today, as a consumption fashion, consumers of Baijiu also put forward higher requirements for its packaging design

here, aiming at the packaging design of Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao 1573 original liquor souvenir, focusing on the shape design of packaging container, this paper discusses the intention and image of wine packaging design. As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle, Luzhou old cellar, known as the leader in wine, was first built in the Wanli era (1573 A.D.) and has been in good condition for more than 400 years. It is the most complete and longest continuously used old cellar in the country. Therefore, the name of national cellar 1573 is derived. Its original liquor is more valuable because it integrates the essence of hundreds of years old cellars and gathers the rich fragrance of thousands of years old wine. The treasures should have exquisite packaging matching, The design of this package has great historical significance and collection value. Therefore, its packaging design must have a systematic, comprehensive and complete design conception and image process

although the outer packaging plays an important guiding role in sales, when consumers drink, they are directly exposed to the inner packaging container, which plays an important role in display. Therefore, the focus of the design here is on the modeling design and model making of the inner packaging container

1 purposive

a more important design element in commodity packaging design is the shape of packaging, which is an art design with three-dimensional volume attribute. The shape of the internal and external packaging of products is determined by the function of the product itself. At the same time, for wine packaging, we should also pay attention to its cultural form. According to the design theme, based on local culture, we should comprehensively understand the cultural history of Luzhou Laojiao wine, and take the excavation of the gold content of wine culture as the standard. We should not only imagine what kind of graphics, structures and colors are used to reflect the internal quality of Baijiu, but also calculate its specifications, dimensions and other factors that belong to the quantitative and practical categories. Even the cost of products and packaging is included in the design process. In the accumulation of traditional wine culture, in the comparative analysis of various kinds of wine packaging, and in the unity of opposites that constantly sublate, find the most suitable and in place design elements, so as to achieve the uniqueness of the overall packaging design and reflect the grade and taste of souvenirs. Design must pay attention to work hard in order to design satisfactory packaging works

(1) the source of meaning. What is meaning? There is a famous saying in Tang Dynasty's zhangyanyuan's theory of historical famous paintings: meaning comes first. The category of meaning in Chinese traditional aesthetics was first derived from the book of changes, and later Liu Xie's "literary mind, such as: steel strand Carving Dragon divine thought" said that "meaning is given to thought, and words are given to meaning". It can be seen that before creation, you need to go through in-depth conception activities to get meaning. For all arts, including packaging design art, created under variable load, meaning is the soul and core. Works without meaning are like soulless bodies, although they exist, they still die

(2) the intention of wine packaging design. In the process of packaging design, you care about your understanding

first, select and refine questions for safety materials. Breakthrough points can be found in field photos and text materials to deeply explore the potential performance factors in wine culture. For example, the design idea can be opened by the legend of Longquan well and the inscription of Luzhou Laojiao

second, prepare and determine several themes, and extract the most typical expression forms that reflect the style of famous wines

third, determine a reasonable modeling language from the modeling of internal and external packaging

fourth, the rational use of graphics, colors and other constituent elements on the packaging surface

fifth, consideration of techniques, production processes, materials, costs, etc

under systematic thinking, draw up a text scheme, and finally screen out the following satisfactory ideas:

first, according to the pottery Drinking Horn cup specially used for banquet guests in the Qin and Han Dynasties more than 2000 years ago unearthed locally, the witchcraft prayer map of the Han Dynasty, and the rosefinch image on the stone extension of the coffin portrait of the Han Dynasty as the ideas

second, take the Longquan ancient well and Longquan stele inscriptions at the foot of Fenghuang mountain, which drew water from the Ming Dynasty to make wine, as the starting point

third, taking the shape of the pit entrance in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty (shujuyuan was built in 1573 AD) as the starting point, it reflects the immeasurable cultural relics value

fourth, taking the history of entrepreneurship and struggle of Luzhou Laojiao people in previous dynasties as the background, and taking bamboo, orchid, jade seal, Huabiao and other words and images with unique symbolic significance as the starting point

fifth, take the shape of ancient and modern brewing utensils as the prototype, refine it, and determine the purpose

after the intention is determined, it is expressed by standing image

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