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Xiaobai century has AI enabled medical treatment, and won four "world first" in 70 days.

Xiaobai century has AI enabled medical treatment, and won four "world first" in 70 days.

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original title: Xiaobai century has AI enabled medical treatment, and won four "world first" in 70 days.

in 2015, a "super Marine Corps" poked many people's tears, a collection of artificial intelligence (AI), medical aid The robot "big white" with combat ability has sprouted countless people. It can sense people's signs, health and emotions through cameras and other devices, and protect its owner anytime, anywhere

do you also want to have your own "big white"? In recent years, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the establishment of specialized steel processing and distribution centers and prefabricated parts processing centers, AI assisted technology has begun to play an effective role in many medical subdivisions. It is no longer a myth to replace medical personnel with machines

not long ago, Beijing Xiaobai Shiji Luo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiaobai Shiji") won the crown in four internationally renowned artificial intelligence competitions, achieving technological breakthroughs in prostate disease prediction, fetal head circumference measurement, tracheal segmentation, fundus vascular extraction and other fields, and continuously refreshing world records

frequently top the list. Why is "Xiaobai century"

the four competitions in which "Xiaobai century" participated are international competitions, and the opponent's strength is very strong. What does it rely on to frequently top the list

this is due to the luxurious scientific research team of "Xiaobai century"

Dr. Huang Gao, the chief scientist of "Xiaobai century", won the best paper of CVPR 2017. As the first author, the densenet network model proposed by him is the latest generation of convolutional neural network, which is very efficient in the fields of image recognition and classification. In addition to visual assistance for robots and autonomous vehicle, it can also recognize faces, objects and traffic signs, and can be widely used in intelligent medical treatment, autonomous driving, finance, security and other fields

Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, once publicly praised the invention of densenet, which will comprehensively promote the promotion of artificial intelligence in various industries

the algorithm director of Xiaobai century is a Ph.D. and postdoctoral candidate in automation at the school of software, Tsinghua University. He focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision. He once ranked first in the international challenge list such as Ms coco, and was selected into the China innovation talent support program and the special scholarship of Tsinghua University

in addition, the Xiaobai century algorithm team also carried out in-depth cooperation with Tsinghua University in the field of AI. Under the leadership of Dr. Huang Gao, it gave full play to the characteristics of densenet's high precision of dense links and high efficiency of feature reuse. In the case of the same data set, it can quickly train models with higher accuracy. It is precisely relying on such outstanding technical advantages that it can win the first prize in various international competitions

intelligent image recognition: say no to misdiagnosis

according to research statistics, more than 90% of medical data comes from medical images, but image diagnosis is too dependent on people's subjective consciousness, which is prone to miscalculation. According to the data of the Chinese Medical Association, the number of misdiagnoses in clinical medicine in China is about 57million every year

ai analyzing medical images through big data can help doctors locate the focus area and judge the nature, and reduce the problem of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. AI is most widely used in medical imaging, including prostate cancer imaging diagnosis, lung nodule screening, thyroid nodule screening, breast nodule screening, etc

in August this year, the SPIE AAPM NCI prostate MR classification challenge, jointly organized by the American Association of medical physicists and the international society of optical engineering, analyzes prostate images through artificial intelligence, predicts whether lesions will occur at the marked positions in the images, obtains the lesion probability through algorithms, and assists doctors in judging the condition

the competition attracted well-known AI medical institutions all over the world. Top teams including Henry Ford medical group of the United States and Fudan University, Zhejiang University and Huazhong University of science and technology of China participated in the competition. Finally, the AI algorithm team of Xiaobai century won the first place with its strong technical strength

intelligent medical diagnosis and treatment: let doctors have more eyes

the application of AI in the medical field means that people all over the world can get more inclusive medical assistance, better medical diagnosis, shorter waiting time and safer minimally invasive surgery

in July this year, the global chest multi organ segmentation competition (segtor challenge2019), jointly hosted by codalab and isbi, attracted 638 teams from around the world, including Tencent Youtu. "Xiaobai century" made a technological breakthrough in the field of organ segmentation under CT images and won the first place in trachea segmentation in the competition

this event is dedicated to solving the problem of organ risk segmentation in computed tomography images, helping doctors improve the efficiency of manual rendering in clinical surgery and reduce anatomical errors

From May to August this year, Xiaobai century was like a dark horse in the industry, winning four international competitions in succession in 70 days, including a pair of awards for most of the use of high-molecular polymers. In addition to the above two items, there are the world fetal ultrasound head circumference measurement competition and the fundus vascular segmentation drive competition

The grand challenge fetal ultrasound head circumference measurement competition is an international platform for medical image analysis competition, which is committed to providing unified data and standards for the research of cutting-edge medical image algorithms for comparison. Its competition data and results are often published as papers at international medical image top conferences such as MICCAI

this hc18 competition attracted more than 100 universities and scientific research institutions from all over the world, including Huawei cloud EI, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other teams. Xiaobai century team won the first place again in the competition. This is not only an honor, but also means that Xiaobai century has the ability to provide clinical medicine with more accurate technology to help doctors accurately measure fetal head circumference and predict fetal development by evaluating the size of fetal head

another competition, the fundus vascular segmentation drive competition, is to segment the blood vessels on the retinal image, which is of great clinical significance for screening, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of various cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and choroidal neovascularization

in the competition, Xiaobai Shiji also performed well, winning the first and third places at one stroke

when AI's dream comes true

AI is slowly infiltrating our lives and gradually becoming a new entrepreneurial and investment hot spot to expand the coverage of sharing bicycles. The wide application of AI in the medical field is like bringing the light of science and technology into reality

AI companies such as "Xiaobai century" have ushered in a period of rapid development with their strong scientific and technological strength. They use science and technology to empower medical treatment, which will bring good news to countless patients and bring a better life to more people

I believe that in the near future, guardian robots like "Dabai" can also come to us and become a member of our lives


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