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The little golden pen leverages the great future: Caterpillar's first entry into China

the little golden pen leverages the great future: Caterpillar's first entry into China

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in the charming Midwestern city of Peoria in the United States, a magnificent building is particularly eye-catching, and the caterpillar global visitor center is located here

in the corner of the visitor center, a slightly old looking golden pen with caterpillar logo is quietly lying in the display cabinet in the sunshine through the window, which is often fully satisfied with the teaching demonstration work of colleges and technical secondary schools. Tourists who come here to visit have stopped here for a long time

the story begins with this golden pen. Its manufacturing age may have been impossible to verify, but its significance was sublimated on a summer day in 1975

Mr. Delmar R. Lammers, the then owner of the golden pen and the then vice president of caterpillar, is now a fashionable old man. As a representative of caterpillar who first opened the door to the Chinese market, Mr. Lammers experienced the milestone of Caterpillar's first hand in China

looking at the golden pen personally donated to Caterpillar visitor center in front of him, Mr. Lammers' thoughts once again returned to the era of "ice breaking"

since President Nixon's visit to China in 1972, the economic and cultural exchanges between China and the United States have gradually resumed, creating more possibilities for trade exchanges between the two countries. Mr. Lammers slowly recalled, "although there was no office of relevant Chinese departments in the United States at that time, we still made contact with Chinese government staff in Canada."

at that time, China's socialist economic construction was in the ascendant, and many large-scale national engineering construction projects were launched one after another. From 1972 to 1975, caterpillar, represented by Mr. Lammers, made frequent contacts with Chinese staff in Canada and continuously transmitted information about caterpillar to distant China

China soon became interested in Caterpillar's globally leading construction machinery and equipment, and began to promote caterpillar's business trip across the world's largest ocean

Mr. Lammers vaguely remembers that it was probably one day in July and August 1975, when caterpillar's U.S. headquarters office suddenly received a telex from China, which was very brief - "please send a pipe crane expert". Caterpillar executives have shown great importance to this invitation from the other side of the ocean. Only three days later, a six member caterpillar delegation led by Mr. Lammers embarked on a flight to Beijing

what follows is caterpillar's sacred mission to start its journey to China and its good wish to help the Chinese people build their country

when they first arrived in China, the caterpillar delegation was received by George W? Herbert? Walker? Mr. Bush's warm reception and assistance. It is worth mentioning that in 1989, 14 years later, Mr. Bush became the president of the United States, and Caterpillar also made great progress in the Chinese market at that time

his time in Beijing was short but abundant. Mr. Lammers was deeply impressed by the hospitality and enthusiasm of the Chinese people, as well as the meticulous and serious attitude and rigorous and eager spirit of the Chinese representative

the heat in Beijing in midsummer is unbearable, but what is hotter than the air is the high enthusiasm of both sides for successful cooperation. The three-week business negotiation was conducted in a tense and orderly manner, during which there were sometimes hearty laughter, sometimes fierce debate, sometimes quiet and only cicadas outside the window... Finally, caterpillar and the then China National Machinery and equipment import and Export Corporation reached a purchase and sales agreement for 38 cat (Carter) pipe hangers and related parts

on the day of signing the contract, a wisp of breeze dispelled the sultry days in Beijing. With excitement, Mr. Lammers rushed to the signing site early in the morning and solemnly signed his name on the contract with that golden pen. At the same time, he also marked the beginning of Caterpillar's magnificent chapter of "working together with China to build brilliance"

so far, Caterpillar's first batch of complete equipment has officially landed in China, and has started its journey to China for nearly 40 years. These 38 pipe cranes played an important role in the construction of pipeline networks in China at that time, and many enterprises have been shut down and transferred. Even recently, they can still be seen on some construction sites in China

a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. With a good start in that year, the cooperation between caterpillar and China has gradually deepened, benefiting from the rapid growth of China's economy, and caterpillar's development has constantly stepped up to a new level. Today, caterpillar has fully introduced its complete business model to China. In China, caterpillar has 28 manufacturing plants, 4 R & D centers, and 3 logistics and spare parts centers, with 15000 employees. The products provided for the Chinese market have also developed from a single pipe crane to hundreds of full series products

many years later, a brand-new pen is placed on the desk of Mr. Chen Qihua, Caterpillar's global vice president and President of China. The pen will write a brilliant future for China and caterpillar

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