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A brief talk on the composition of film negatives

film is film. Now it generally refers to film, which can also refer to negatives in printing and plate making. The basic components of film are: (1) used as photosensitive film (also known as "emulsion"); And (2) film base used as supporting drug film

ps version is an aluminum version for printing, specifically, drying film on PS version

ps version is an abbreviation from the English preserved plate, which means pre coated photosensitive version in Chinese. In 1950, it was first developed by American 3M company (Minisota mining double click the left mouse button manufacturing company). PS version is divided into photopolymerization type and photodegradation type. Photopolymerization type prints with the original negative image. The diazo photosensitive film of the graphic part is light hardened and remains on the plate. The diazo photosensitive film of the non graphic part cannot see light and is not hardened, and is dissolved and removed by the developer. Photodegradation type is printed with the original positive image. The diazo compounds in the non graphic part are separated by light. In these films, the polyaniline fibers are evenly dispersed between the graphene interlayer, and are dissolved and removed by the developer. What remains on the plate is still the diazo compounds without light. The lipophilic part of PS version is diazo photosensitive resin with a high publishing base plane of about 3 m, which is a good lipophilic hydrophobic film. Ink is easy to spread on it, but water is difficult to spread on it. Diazo photosensitive resin also has good wear resistance and acid resistance. If the photosensitive film is enameled after baking at 230 ~ 240 ℃ for 5 ~ 8min, the hardness of the printing plate can also be improved. The printing resistance of the fixture of the universal experimental machine for printing plate artificial board can reach 200000 ~ 300000 pieces. The hydrophilic part of PS plate is aluminum oxide film, with a high publishing base plane of about 0.2 ~ 1 m. It has good hydrophilicity, wear resistance and chemical stability, so the printing plate has high printing resistance. PS version has fine sand mesh, high resolution, bright and complete formed points, so it has good color reproduction and high image definition; The blank part of the PS plate has a high water content capacity. When printing, the water consumption of the printing plate is large, and the balance of water and ink is easy to control

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