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The small yellow box opened the era of reverse logistics

the roadside letterboxes of China Post have been dotted all over the city streets. The green mailbox stands on the street, bathes in the wind and rain, and sends thoughts, greetings and waiting to the distance, which has become an indelible memory of many people

China Post green mailbox in deep memory

in the 2018 global smart logistics summit, the reverse logistics launched by China Post Express will press the forward or reverse button on the loading switch on the lower end of the product small yellow canister as needed, which is quite similar to the green mailbox in deep memory of many people in appearance, and is an intelligent innovation of China Post Express. It is understood that the small yellow box will also be laid nationwide in residential communities, schools, hospitals and other areas according to the path of China Post green letter box, and will be widely put into the market to serve customers

with the theme of the new logistics era, the summit showed a large number of new formats, new models and new technologies in the fields of intelligent warehousing, intelligent distribution and IOT. For this reason, as the first product in the reverse logistics field of China's logistics field, the small yellow tube of China Post Express has naturally attracted much attention. The product mission of expanding from the last kilometer of express delivery to the first 100 meters of express delivery has made it a highlight of this logistics summit and attracted a large number of visitors

smart logistics summit small yellow cylinder display site

China Post Express easy public information shows that technically, China Post Express easy small yellow cylinder integrates the latest technologies in various fields: solar power supply, PC 1 equipped with G experimental machine, special PS tracking and positioning for special machine, G slowly and evenly loading PRS data transmission for test pieces, and is equipped with ultrasonic ranging module. In terms of function, it can provide 24-hour self delivery service, solve the time inequality between users and couriers in the delivery problem, and meet the needs of users who send at any time; With the help of virtual address, real-time monitoring, anti-theft protection and other functions to ensure the security of the sending process; The operation is fast and simple. Users only need to scan the QR code and input the relevant sending information according to the system prompt, and all the sending processes can be completed in 1 minute; At the same time, with the help of big data, cloud computing and other technologies to optimize the layout of reverse logistics points, couriers can effectively plan the receiving path with more accurate package positioning information and improve operation efficiency. The CEO of China Post Express Yijian also revealed in an interview that more AI technologies such as face recognition will be applied to the device in the later stage

China Post Express easy small yellow box product display figure

throughout the industry and outside, the first innovation of small yellow box has become a representative of reverse logistics innovation. When major giants seize the last kilometer of the integrated market by means of express cabinets, post stations and other forms, China Post Express is taking the lead in trying to solve the first 100 meter receiving and sending pain point in the express industry with the power of science and technology, which is not only the innovation of products, but also the exploration and innovation of business models

in today's intelligent information age, any innovative product, from ideas, models to the implementation of specific products, cannot be separated from the support of highly professional computer products in terms of function and quality. In the forming process of new products such as smart logistics, North China industrial control is willing to rely on its deep technical precipitation, forward-looking market vision and meticulous craftsman spirit to ensure the synchronous accuracy of transmission, provide computer products with different performance for various targeted industries, and become the escort of various smart high-tech products

the emb-7500 motherboard independently developed and produced by North China industrial control adopts Freescale high scalability multi-core series application processors based on arm cortex-a9 architecture, with up to 20 GPIO and other interfaces, and WiFi and 3G networks are optional

embedded all in one motherboard emb-7500 based on Freescale arm architecture

embedded all in one motherboard emb-7500 based on Freescale arm architecture

this product has stable and reliable industrial product performance. It not only has super graphics processing ability and application computing ability, but also has extremely low power consumption, and has rich expansion interfaces, which can be well applied to many smart logistics products such as small yellow tubes, Contribute to solving the pain points of the logistics industry. Using products and services to support these new industries and modern systems in the era of smart city, smart logistics and big data is not only the wind vane of every North China industrial control person in the new era, but also the tireless goal of North China industrial control to strive for excellence

Introduction to North China industrial control:

North China industrial control, the leader in the field of industrial control computers. Specialized in the industrial computer industry for more than 20 years, it has become a front-line leading brand with great market influence and brand appeal at home and abroad through years of development. Because of concentration, it is professional. All the time, North China industrial control adheres to the dedicated attitude and professional spirit, takes innovation as the driving force and quality as the lifeline, and has created a series of high-quality and high-tech industrial computer products

at present, the main product series of North China industrial control include: Industrial CPU card, embedded industrial motherboard, embedded quasi system, industrial chassis, integrated workstation, industrial tablet computer (PPC), network security quasi system, disk array, passive backplane, industrial power supply and industrial computer accessories

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