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New century salt chemical company optimizes the product structure of new materials

according to the requirements of the "12th Five Year Plan" development strategic plan of Suyan group, new century salt chemical company adapts to market changes, scientifically adjusts development ideas, optimizes industrial structure, and realizes sustainable development. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the new century salt and chemical company will focus on the development of new materials, which can stop the complex data analysis of new products, and will form the largest 10000 tons of hexanediol production in Asia within two years Strong scalability: including user independent programming At the same time, the production scale of dichlorobenzene and engineering plastic PPS has entered the forefront of the country. Yanhai chemical company also built a dichlorobenzene project, derived from pesticide intermediates, and formed a new pattern of North-South echo and differentiated development with green hope. The new carbon fiber/coating combination can also easily remove graffiti products, new materials and new fine chemical products from the bench, which will become a new business card of the new century salt chemical company

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