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New business opportunities: "small bottle" pries open the big market

the capacity of conventional Baijiu is 500ml, beer is 640ml, and beverages are also dominated by 500ml. In the face of the market with diversified demand, the trend of breaking the Convention in the capacity of drinks is becoming more and more obvious. The fat little bottle of beer of about 350ml stands in a prominent position on the shelves of supermarkets and bars, and the little queer is held in the hands of children or squeezed in the side pockets of schoolbags to show off its small popularity. So, what about small bottles of Baijiu

small wine bottles are quietly popular

in some cities in the south, small wine bottles are more popular

if you go to Hangzhou, it is not difficult to find that in the local hotel, most people drink a small bottle per person. The best-selling Yilite and Luzhou Laojiao have several small bottle specifications, such as 250ml and 125ml. The price is comparable to that of large bottles in proportion, which is very popular with consumers. This is related to the local drinking habits. Most local people like low alcohol, and they don't drink much, and there is no atmosphere to persuade them to drink; In addition, there is another advantage of choosing small bottles, that is, people who drink together can choose different wines

mainly because products like fasteners 1 are used to fix things. In Nanchang, there is also a small bottle of wine that has outstanding performance in the market, that is, 100ml small bottle of Linchuan tribute wine. Linchuan tribute is the image wine of Nanchang. It is the first choice for Nanchang people to entertain guests, and most people who come to Nanchang will also taste it. The price of 500ml linchuangong is very high, while the 100ml vial is exquisite in packaging, and the price is about 20 yuan. Although the capacity is small, it is not rude to take it out for guests or taste it

compared with the south, the popularity of small bottles of wine in the north is not high, but it is also beginning to show signs

it is understood that the 125ml and 250ml drunkards and xiaoxiangquan in Shijiazhuang account for more than 10% of the market share of their products of various specifications. Other brands, such as dufuchun's small bottles of wine, are more popular with consumers than their 500ml conventional volumetric bottles

due to the gradual change of people's concept and the enhancement of health awareness, the market demand for small bottles of wine is quietly rising

in fact, small bottles of Baijiu have always been in the market, but the market share is very small. Compared with the conventional 500ml bottles, it can only be regarded as non mainstream. In the past, both manufacturers and merchants did not pay enough attention to the market development of small bottles of wine

in the high-end liquor market, such as Maotai and Wuliangye, there are vials of different specifications, but their original intention is to make ordinary consumers can afford famous liquor with small capacity and relatively low price. However, for consumers, such high-end famous wine is a kind of commodity that reflects their status. If you buy it, you can buy it. If you buy a small bottle, it will inevitably look shabby. Therefore, at present, such famous wine vials mostly appear in the form of gifts of conventional bottles

the development of small bottles of wine in the low-end wine market is relatively mature. The most common is the cup. This is a kind of Baijiu mostly in 130ml glass. The price is between 1 and 2 yuan. It is common in some small restaurants or shops. Because of its low price, small capacity, portability and can be used as a water cup after drinking, it occupies a considerable share in the market of low-end wine

relatively speaking, the market of medium-sized small bottles of wine has the most development potential. Although many Baijiu brands with good market performance have launched corresponding small bottle types, generally speaking, this part of the market is still a cake that has not been made and needs further development

although small bottles have a market, they are big.

Where is the market development direction of small bottles of wine

first of all, of course, there are hotels that have shown their demand. At present, many people call for small bottles of wine in hotels. On this basis, they can develop more advantageous products, such as small bottles of wine packed in wine crops on half an acre of land. The appearance is simple and unique, which has attracted the attention of many consumers; Secondly, the portability and small volume of small bottles of wine will bring it more market opportunities. For example, most of the current drinks on cars, ships and planes are beer and beverages. The main reason why Baijiu is rare is the large amount of conventional bottles. Almost no one can drink a large bottle of Baijiu during travel. It is not difficult to develop a small bottle of Baijiu with suitable price, liquor quality, degree, brand and other factors according to the needs of passengers on different means of transportation, coupled with reasonable operation, to develop a new market; In addition, you can also find some unconventional markets. For example, at present, wine and beer are mainly used in night performances, especially small bottles of beer. Because most people drink alcohol at night with a beer bottle in their hands, while the conventional Baijiu is not suitable for such a drinking method. In addition, most night parties are fashionable young people or white-collar workers, and Baijiu is more a symbol of tradition. If we develop a small bottle of Baijiu with low alcohol content, small capacity and avant-garde bottle type, coupled with fashionable advertising appeals and other promotions, it is not completely impossible for it to participate in the night market. Wine is not a soft packaged product. Table 2-2 of small bottles of Baijiu is the thermoforming processing temperature of common plastic plates (sheets). Why not participate in the night

in fact, small bottles of Baijiu are a variety of products that extend in capacity. Product extension is the result of the diversification of market demand. For example, some p automation has been accepted by plastic processing plants. The capacity of Baijiu in barrels is extended in the opposite direction to that of small bottles, and such large barrels of Baijiu also appear to meet the low-end market demand. For enterprises, product extension is a kind of product portfolio strategy, which can make full use of the original product reputation, expand market share and replace the sales growth rate of seals while cleaning, so as to fill or develop the blank market

the same is true for dealers. For example, the original sales network is stable, so you can choose some small bottles of wine that are related to or have little conflict with the original products to enrich the market and make better and reasonable use of the sales network; If you want to further expand the original sales network, you can choose some innovative markets and competitive small bottle wine products to develop new markets and sales networks

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