The hottest new carton packaging machine of Cavann

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Cavana's new carton packaging machine

cavana's electronic universal performance has improved. The Pentium cartesio machinery branch exhibited a new G35 vertical carton packaging machine, which is used for the packaging of sweets and cereals. G35 is composed of three robot assembly lines. At the exhibition, this packaging machine showed the whole process of carton forming, transmission, product collection, sealing and other processes. In addition, it can also be equipped with a patented product insertion device. G35 packaging machine can be combined with its upmarket packaging machine, so that the torque wrench inspection of the whole packaging process structure should implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. The application method of tester should be compact and save space before the application of torque wrench tester. Because the servo automatic belt adjusting device is adopted, the purpose of rapid conversion can be achieved without replacing parts and fine-tuning

although the power mechanism needs to run three independent 3-axis manipulator arms, after adopting the control system of elau company, it only needs to select an industrial control computer pacdrive c400 automatic controller to solve all problems, and fully play the unique functions of different packaging machinery through the transmission of servo system

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