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After entering WTO, the impact on China's packaging market will gradually increase. In this process, although foreign packaging companies are not enough to change the current pattern of China's packaging in 3-5 years, these years are an important period for the reshuffle of China's packaging market and the re division of industrial layout. The fierce competition between domestic packaging companies and foreign countries for the retail end market has also begun. This puts forward higher requirements for China's packaging industry. The use of new materials, new equipment, new processes and design, and anti-counterfeiting means will become more practical. Environmental protection has become the top priority of these topics

take cigarette packaging as an example. In recent years, cigarette packaging in China has made great progress, and the packaging of some products has far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands. But at the same time, non degradable aluminum foil, gold and silver cards, mirror paper, packaging film, polypropylene fiber, stay wire and other non environmental protection materials are increasingly used. These products are difficult to recycle after being discarded. China is not only a large country of tobacco and alcohol consumption, but also a country with relatively poor resources. The number of tobacco and alcohol packages that cannot be recycled every year is amazing, which not only wastes resources, but also causes environmental pollution. Now developed countries in Europe and the United States have gradually abandoned the paper plastic composite process and replaced it with some new composite paper products (such as vacuum aluminum spray transfer paperboard)

vacuum sprayed aluminum transfer paperboard, commonly known as transfer gold paperboard, this kind of gold paperboard not only has a gloss comparable to that of glass paperboard, but also has matte and bright colors. Therefore, transfer gold paperboard has become an internationally popular environmental protection packaging material with its advantages of high quality and easier recycling. At present, there are two kinds of gold card paper, printing type and composite type, which are widely used in the domestic packaging industry. As a new environmental protection packaging material, vacuum aluminum spray transfer card paper, the introduction and improvement of its production process has attracted close attention of domestic packaging material manufacturers and packaging and printing companies

development of vacuum aluminized paper in China's packaging industry

vacuum aluminized paper (or aluminized paper, aluminized paper, evaporated paper) is a new green packaging material that has been more and more widely used in the packaging industry since the 1980s. Because of its noble and beautiful metal texture, stable and reliable printing performance and degradable and recyclable environmental protection properties, it is more and more loved by people

since 1992, vacuum sprayed aluminum waterproof wine label paper has entered China's beer bottle sticker packaging market; Since 1993, vacuum sprayed aluminum (gray bottom) paperboard has been used in domestic Baijiu, tea, cosmetics, food and gift packaging markets; Since 1997, vacuum sprayed aluminum cards have entered the external packaging market of domestic cigarettes, gradually replacing the traditional aluminum foil cards, laminated cards and other non environmental protection packaging materials; In 2000, vacuum aluminized lining paper began to enter China's cigarette packaging market. Some experts predict that at the beginning of the 21st century, vacuum aluminized paper (card) will become the darling of China's packaging industry, and the market prospect is very optimistic

production process of vacuum aluminum spraying paper

vacuum aluminum spraying paper can be divided into direct method (paper surface aluminum spraying) and transfer method (film surface aluminum spraying) according to the production process. The direct method is to put the paper directly into the vacuum aluminum spraying machine for aluminum spraying. This method is limited to thin paper aluminum spraying. The transfer method takes pet and BOPP films as the transfer substrate, and after coating and coloring, aluminum spraying, compounding, stripping and other processes, the aluminum spraying molecular layer with metallic luster is transferred to the surface of paper or paperboard through adhesive action. This method can produce more than 40 ~ 450 grams of paper or paperboard. Compared with the direct method, the transfer method has the following outstanding characteristics: first, it can produce paper or paperboard of any thickness; Second, it can make full use of the flatness of PET film to make the paper metal luster brighter; Third, it can produce laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminum spray paper or paperboard with any patterns and words

compared with traditional gold card paper, the product produced by this method has the following advantages:

1. The raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of aluminum spray paper are odorless and non-toxic, and meet the requirements of food hygiene (in line with the FDA standard). It can be widely used in the exquisite packaging of tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, handicrafts and other products, as well as building decoration materials

2. Good finish, high smoothness, bright color, bright appearance, strong visual impact, which can well improve the product packaging grade

3. it has excellent barrier property and remarkable moisture-proof and antioxidant effects

4. Excellent printing performance and machining performance, suitable for intaglio, relief, offset, flexo, silk printing, embossing, die cutting, and even embossing

5. It has good degradability and recycling, is easy to handle and recycle, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It is an essential packaging material for export products. At present, aluminum foil composite paper, which is widely used in the market, cannot be recycled as aluminum products or paper

due to the complex production process, high scientific and technological content and large equipment investment of aluminum spray transfer method, it is difficult for general small and medium-sized enterprises to imitate it. At present, domestic Ruian Xinxin packaging materials Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Daya packaging company have mature production technology

application of vacuum aluminum spray paper

aluminum spray paper uses less aluminum and has good degradability, which can save production costs and will not cause environmental pollution. It is an environmental friendly green packaging material and an alternative and upgraded packaging material for aluminum foil composite paperboard. Aluminum spray paper has good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, high fastness of aluminum spray layer, and good printing performance and mechanical processing performance. Therefore, it can be widely used in the exquisite packaging of products such as tobacco, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, handicrafts, etc., as well as building decoration materials. At present, the main applications are as follows:

cigarette paperboard

Aluminum sprayed paperboard based on imported 230g cigarette packaging white paperboard can be used as cigarette packaging and cigarette carton packaging after printing. Because the thickness of aluminum layer of aluminum sprayed paperboard is only 0.02u, which is one hundredth of that of aluminum foil used in composite paperboard, and the amount of aluminum used is small, it is a packaging material that saves earth resources. At the same time, as a cigarette box packaging, after being discarded, its aluminum layer will be oxidized in a short time, which will not cause environmental pollution. After being collected, the waste can also be returned to the paper mill for recycling

wine label paper

aluminum spray wine label paper made of imported water strength base paper has the properties of water resistance, waterproof and not easy to curl. It is mainly used for labels of printable and recyclable glass bottles (including body marks, back marks, neck marks, etc.). This kind of aluminum spray paper has good alkali resistance and alkali penetration, and good printing performance. Graphene research will have great development, bottle sticking performance and good off label performance when washing bottles. In order to give wine label paper an elegant effect, you can use table but the quality is not equal to brand surface embossing. The pattern of the whole plane makes the label have a special charm

packaging paper

the use of aluminum spray paper in food and drug packaging can solve the problem that powder drugs packaged with composite packaging film are not easy to pour out because of electrostatic attraction. Aluminum spray packaging paper is divided into low gram weight (less than 50g) and high gram weight (more than 300g). This kind of aluminum spray paper has good fastness of aluminum layer, no dealumination during kink packaging, and good printing performance. The base paper used in the production of aluminum spray paper does not contain fluorescent brighteners, and the chemical materials used are odorless and non-toxic, meeting the FDA standards. Low gram heavy spray aluminum packaging paper is mainly used for the packaging of candy, chocolate, chewing gum and other products. It not only has the flexibility of paper, but also has the air barrier performance of aluminum foil composite paper; Gog heavy spray aluminum packaging cardboard is mainly used for the outer packaging of moon cake boxes, cosmetics boxes, toothpaste boxes, wine boxes and gift boxes. It is exquisite and luxurious, and can enhance the value of products. At present, Colgate has taken the lead in using aluminum spray wrapping paper to make toothpaste boxes in the industry

laser paper

laser aluminum spray paper (hereinafter referred to as laser paper) is formed by loading laser holographic patterns or text signals onto the surface of aluminum spray paper by molding. In fact, laser paper can be classified into the category of wine label paper, cigarette card paper and packaging paper. It is proposed here alone because it conforms to the general trend of anti-counterfeiting packaging and has a good market prospect

the international packaging industry puts forward five comprehensive indicators for anti-counterfeiting packaging materials: timeliness, aesthetics, recognition, versatility and economy. Advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging materials must have high scientific and technological content, and the price can be accepted by the market, so that the goods can improve the reputation and profit margin of manufacturers on the basis of eliminating counterfeiting. These five highly demanding comprehensive indicators have been a subject that has plagued the packaging industry for many years. The excellent characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting vacuum aluminum spray paper (card) are very close to the above five comprehensive indicators, and it is an ideal anti-counterfeiting packaging material. The laser brightness of laser aluminum spray transfer paper is higher than that of ordinary laser packaging machine 'target'=_ Blank> the brightness of the transparent film is several times stronger, and the laser pattern cannot be erased. Laser aluminum spray transfer paper has good anti-counterfeiting property, which not only enhances the brand awareness and customer reputation, but also its colorful appearance and high-tech commodity holographic pattern will create an attractive and eye-catching packaging, making commodities stand out in sales

in a word, vacuum aluminum spray transfer paper is not only gorgeous in appearance, but also anti-counterfeiting and degradability. It is an environmental protection product in line with international trends. The product has broad application fields, huge potential market, and can replace imports, so the market prospect is optimistic. Nowadays, more and more well-known enterprises have realized and begun to apply this new packaging material to cigarette boxes, gifts, alcohol and other high-end packaging, which will bring new development opportunities to China's packaging industry

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