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The new carbon fiber "wind power stalk" generator designed by the United States

the latest "wind power stalk" designed by the American design company, each stalk is 60 meters high, with a concrete base with a diameter of meters,

the diameter of the top of the wind power stalk is only 5 cm, and there is one at the top of the stalk, but the experimenter has led lights at the beginning of the experiment

according to foreign media reports, there is a lot of noise in the blades of traditional wind turbines. Sometimes bats and birds will accidentally hit and die. There are even some wind turbines that are set up only in the breeze, and wind power generation cannot be realized. At present, atelier DNA design company in New York, the United States, has recently proposed a "wind stem", which will generate electricity when the wind blows these "stems" to produce wavy bends

the designer plans to apply this wind design to Masdar City, a 2.3 square mile area without cars built on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Arab Emirates. It is reported that the "wind power stalk" of atelier DNA design company won the second place in the earth art generator design competition. This design competition aims to follow the international provisions and make great progress and breakthroughs in the Malaysian and Chinese plastic extruder market. SDAR city designs the best power generation method to generate renewable energy

this latest design requires 1203 "wind stems", each of which is 60 meters high and has a concrete base with a diameter of meters. The axial tension applied in each experiment is 40MPa, 80MPa, 120MPa, 160MPa, 200MPa, 240mpa and 280mpa respectively. The diameter of the top of the wind stems is only 5 cm. It is made of carbon fiber material and reinforced with resin. The diameter of the bottom of the stem like carbon fiber is about 0.33 meters. Each stem contains alternating layers of electric poles and ceramic plates made of piezoelectric materials, which will generate current when under pressure. For wind power stems, when the wind power stems are compressed by the swinging wind flow, an electric current is formed

Dar í o n ú EZ ameni, partner of atelier DNA, explained that this design concept is to try to discover the dynamic patterns that can generate energy in nature

according to the proposal of Masdar City, the wind power stalk farm will span 280000 square feet. Based on rough evaluation, ameni said that the power output of the wind power stalk farm is equivalent to the traditional wind power generation system covering the same area. Our wind power generation system is very effective, and there is no friction loss similar to the traditional wind turbine mechanical system

the setting of each wind power stalk will be somewhat different, and it will be slightly inclined, so that the rainwater will enter between the two concrete substrates, which is conducive to the growth of wild plants. Such a wind power stalk device can be installed in the park green space, and can be used as a technical purpose at the same time. Each wind stalk contains a torque generator, and the kinetic energy obtained can be converted into energy by using a buffer

the wind is not constant, so Amini said that the two large compartments under the wind stem can store energy like batteries. This technology is based on the existing hydropower pumped storage system. The water in the top compartment will flow through the turbine to the lower compartment, releasing the stored energy until the wind flow starts again

there is an LED light at the top of each wind stem, which will light up when the wind blows, and will become brighter when in the state of strong wind. Atelier DNA predicts that wind powered stems will behave more naturally and vibrate under the wind current in the air

Amini said, "the wind stalk is completely silent. The simulated image shows that it is quite like a wheat field (Weibo) or a reed in the swamp. We hope that people's living place is closer to the wind stalk power plant. It will make people walk in the fields, especially at night, accompanied by the wind stalk, enjoying their own beautiful starry sky."

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