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New carton: capture market demand

in the packaging industry, product innovation is the key to attracting users' attention. This requires enterprises to be good at discovering market demand points and developing corresponding new functions. Taking the carton industry as an example, some new functional cartons emerging recently deserve special attention: Bao can also be used for the detection of similar experiments of plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metallic materials. Fresh corrugated cartons are especially suitable for the fresh-keeping packaging of fresh vegetables and fruits; Waterproof and moisture-proof carton, because its corrugated paper contains hydrolyzable resin, it has good waterproof and moisture resistance; Environmental friendly cartons are easy to degrade and recycle. The emergence of these new functions and technologies not only meets the diversified needs of carton users, but also promotes the innovative development of the carton industry

new cartons become refrigerators under infrared light

main content: as long as a little high technology is added to the paper, cartons may be used as refrigerators, which can replace wooden boxes for large machinery, and even be made into furniture, which is not only light but also folding. The longest shelf life of fruits in ordinary cartons is only about 15 days. If the cartons are treated with far-infrared technology, the cartons will have a unique anti-corrosion effect. The fruits will not rot in cartons for two months. As in refrigerators, the raw materials used in the built-in filter media of this respirator are recyclable glass fibers

interpret the new scheme of moisture-proof carton

main content: with the development of nanotechnology, an ultra dual hydrophobic interface physical material appears. Adsorbing gas atoms on the nano-sized low concave surface is equivalent to having a stable gas film on the macro surface, so that oil or water cannot be in direct contact with the surface of the material, thus showing double hydrophobicity on the surface of the material. Paper products and films have achieved super hydrophobic and super oil repellent effects, which will revolutionize the moisture-proof treatment of corrugated boxes

environmental protection cartons are taking a wider and wider road of development

main content: environmental protection cartons are currently recognized as a form of green packaging. Under the current background of emphasizing energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection, environmental protection cartons have high advantages in these aspects. With the diversification of products, the diversification of people's needs and the progress of science and technology, the processing technology and research and development of environmental protection cartons will have greater development. The road of environmental protection carton development in the future will be wider and wider

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