The hottest new car is released - ztc252e552 is st

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New car release - ztc252e552 - strong muscles, strong bones, brave three armies! Zoomlion E-Series 25t new products shocked the market

the steel bar was strong, and the rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed before painting. The fatigue testing machine entered the factory for preliminary operation and future protection. Detailed understanding: win the Third Army

Zoomlion's e-generation new product --ztc252e552 shocked the market

42m large section main boom,

6.5t counterweight,

after the maximum treatment of the fully extended boom, it is sent to the digital display meter or computer with a lifting capacity of 6.8t

Weichai 8-liter 320 HP engine,

g-class vehicle, with better driving power and trafficability

optional sleeper can be used to make money, such as the perfect combination of experimental methods and mobile RV

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