The hottest new capacity is concentrated in phenol

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At the end of last week (July 3), Shandong lihuayi and zhongshatian also stipulated that the sales price of phenol manufacturers such as Tianjin Petrochemical and Yanshan Petrochemical fell by 300 yuan (ton price, the same below), both of which implemented 6700 yuan. The market reference price of phenol on that day was 6683 yuan, down 4.3% from the end of June. Industry insiders believe that the factors supporting the upward market are gradually dissipated. Under the influence of negative factors such as the decline of raw materials, the increase of supply, the collective decline of manufacturers' quotations and the weak downstream demand, phenol is expected to continue to fluctuate in the aftermarket, and its material and human bone modulus are close to downward

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